Top 10: Tyra Banks Craziest Moments

Our favourite model host/crazy celeb turns 42 today, so we’ve taken a look back at her kookiest moments, because she is known for that more than modelling nowadays.

10. When She’s Asked Uncomfortable Questions

Tyra has this robotic, Stepford wife way of talking. Every. Word. Is. Slow. And. Empasised. But don’t ask her a question she doesn’t want to answer or that facade with slip!

9. That Orange Hair

Tyra has had some amazing do’s in her time, but her bright orange, stuck up fringe and middle part, was not one of them. It has us wondering why she rocked it for so many years of the early ANTM days! And why did no-one tell her?


8. When She Discovered Vine

We’ve seen some pretty hilarious Vine’s in our day, people have even made a career out of it, but the day TyTy found the app, they were all irrelevant. Her crazy six second videos make zero sense, but they are each gifts to the world.

7. Her Tweets

When there just aren’t enough hours of Top Model to keep your Tyra lunacy up, head to her Twitter for some truly thought provoking tweets. We’re usually thinking WTF?

6. Her Stand Off With Naomi

Who can forget Tyra ‘being the bigger person’ and inviting rival Naomi Campbell on her talk show, only to sit and basically yell “You were really mean to me!” over and over for an hour.

6. Her “Acting Career”

Sorry Ty but this was bad, our stand out for worst performance is as as Ursula in Gossip Girl, her onscreen diva antics were soap opera bad. Then there was the truly awfully on-the-nose named Bichette in Glee.

5. Her “Singing Career”

After one attempted move from modelling to another, her Shaky Ya Body was never destined for a Grammy. The song and accompanying music video both reeked of cheap and tacky. Plus the talk singing, auto tuned vocals left a lot to be desired.

4. Pretending To Pass Out

This moment was one that stuck out in our mind at just how much Tyra loves being the centre of attention, but over the years theres been an endless display of this type of behaviour displayed over the several cycles. Much to everyones faux enjoyment.

3. Freaking Out Over Vaseline

In the years she had her daytime talkshow, trying to become the next Oprah she went all out in copying the mogul in many ways, such as this giveaway. Oprah gifted cars, Tyra gifted… Vaseline?

2. Her Meltdown

This moment will forever follow Tyra and her ANTM brand wherever they go, it is synonymous in pop culture with the model. The source of many parodies, her scolding of hopeful model Tiffany over not being sad enough she was eliminated. Yep, that was the reason behind this uncomfortable rant.

1. Her Endless Faces


Leaving this list on a high note, our number one reason for loving Tyra and all her crazy ways. The many gif-able opportunities of her many faces.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Birthday Tyra, stay fierce.


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