Why You Should Be Watching The Goldbergs

By now many of you know our love for Colton Haynes after our Glass Closet profile, while following his Twitter we came across a plethora of fan girl tweets fawning over the show.

We decided to give the show a go and to our excitement, it was amazing! A terrific cast, snappy writing and

The sitcom focuses on a family of five, set in the 80’s and recounting several semi-biographical moments from creator Adam F. Goldberg’s childhood.

As always with family sitcoms there are wacky and embarrassing moments, but the stories are always grounded in heartwarming emotion and realism. While not as clever as Modern Family, the show is nonetheless hilarious, with non-stop laughs throughout.

The characters are all big and brash, but the clear scene stealer is the mom, Beverly (played by Bridesmaids Wendi McLendon-Covey). She is an overbearing, and overly-loving parent who you’ll find yourself quoting daily and will make you want to watch her scenes over and over again.

The 80’s setting sets the show apart from competition by providing nostalgic story lines such as seeing Star Wars on opening day, visiting the arcade and recording mix tapes on cassette. Some episodes feature heavily on the past culture, while others just see the flamboyant outfits and throwback music fill their screens.

Rated 100% fresh on Rotton Tomatoes this great show has seen its ratings increase year upon year so as the third season is coming to its midpoint it’s the perfect time for you to catch up over the winter break before it comes back in January.

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