Man Of The Week: Glen Powell

Our MOTW (Man Of The Week) or as more popularly know MCM is none other than Scream Queens very own leading man: Chad Radwell.

When we first saw Glen Powell was the main hunk of Scream Queens we were a bit, meh. At the time Nick Jonas, and Joe Mangelio were both announced cast mates, and Powell seemed to be the weakest link. But now only one day away from the series finale, he’s captured our hearts entirely.


Prior to the show the actor was perhaps the least known amongst the all-star cast with roles such as Trader #1 in The Dark Knight Rises and The Long-Fingered Boy in Spy Kids 3D.

Within the first few episodes his character Chad proved to be a sweet friend, allowing gay friend Boone to sleep in his bed. Our interest was peaked.



As the series unfolded his character stole each scene he would feature in, with perfect timing and a hilarious depiction of a typical frat boy his performance was always on point. Glen proved to be the breakout character of the show and fan favourite.

The hunk has some exciting movies coming up including Everybody Want Some starring a gorgeous cast of Blake Jenner, Tyler Hoechlin, Ryan Guzman and Will Brittain in Richard Linklater’s spiritual sequel to Dazed & Confused. 

He will also star alongside Nicholas Hoult and Henry Cavill in Sand Castle a war movie that will see the hunk in uniform for most his screen time.


Beyond Deceit will see Powell on screen with Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins in drama-thriller, while he will once more flex his comedic side in Ride Along 2, that will star Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

If you follow Glen Powell on his social media you will find he posts some quirkily humorous tweets, as well as replying to many of his new fandom. It’s also adorable to experience his excitement while he navigates his new found success. He constantly posts about his love for his cast mates, and filming crew.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 20.26.33

If you have the time we would definitely recommend reading up on his past interviews. He names Jigglypuff as his spirit animal, he was a badboy at church camp and was star struck meeting, an actor from Cool Runnings. What a man!

5 thoughts on “Man Of The Week: Glen Powell

  1. Great choice! I think he is one of the highlights from the otherwise disappointing series! I think he is only one who manages to make the comedy aspects of the show come across well when mixed with the horror genre. Well, him and my other favourite Denise!


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