Fuji Instax Printer – Review

If you’re shopping for a Christmas gift this season, or are looking for something to ask for this may just give you an idea.

The Fuji Instax Printer prints off polaroid style pictures instantly from your smartphone.

The portable device connects wirelessly and can print in 17 seconds, with a dedicated app you can choose to add templates or a range of other info to the picture, such as time, date, and weather.

The templates also span events such as birthdays, and holidays so the compact printer would be perfect to take to parties and share memories with your friends. Like with Instagram the app has its own set of filters such as making a pic black and white.

Starting at just £99 the image quality is good and there is a two year warranty in case something goes wrong. Rather than using a polaroid camera this means you can perfect your photo as to not waste any of the film on duds.

Working over WiFi you can upload any image from any phone to select for printing. After one set up you can use whenever you wish without reconnecting. The device also has a reprint button incase you want to share with friends.

Once printed the image takes a minute to actualise as with old school polaroid pictures, which is instantly gratifying. You can also connect your Instagram and Facebook to the printer for quicker image choosing.

The machine does use batteries, however they are regular and can be brought cheaply in bulk. It also includes a power saving mode as to not drain the battery if you accidentally leave it on.

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