Dressing For Your Works Christmas Party

Tis the season, to show your work friends how desirably suave you are and be undisputedly best dressed at the party. I mean nobody goes to those things for fun, right? Well we have made your quest to turn heads considerably easier as we’ve broken down how to dress for your staff part to every detail! You’re welcome.

Velvet Blazer

Asos £80, M&S £149, Zara £99.99

Velvet jackets are no longer synonymous with Hugh Hefner, they have found their way back into popular culture. An alternative for a dinner jacket, or blazer these are not cheap and rarely worn, so make sure you’re sure of your choice before purchasing. The fabric will add a touch of Hollywood class, so pair with minimal accessories and a plain white shirt, black trousers combo. This is the statement piece.

Smart Blazer

smart shoes
House of Fraiser £77.50, River Island £119, Zara £99.99

If you’re not into the latest velvet trend, you can always fall back on the classic smart blazer. There are not a wide variety of colours or styles with this piece, the differences are all in the details. Find one that fits your body type and personality, when all others are dressed in their you want to stand out.

Casual Blazer

Asos £90, John Lewis £99, Pull&Bear £49.99

Not all office do’s are a grand, formal occasion. If your party is a more casual vibe, still make some effort by donning a casual blazer. Now, this is a blazer that you can mix up for a multitude of events, it’s always smart to own a casual blazer so choose one that you can dress up or down with a variety of options. Earth tones are good here.


M&S £45, Next £22, River Island £25

Everyone owns a shirt, you may just grab your go-to off the hanger for the night, but consider trying something new. If you’re buying the rest of the outfit, you’ll feel even more confident with a whole new wardrobe. Stay away from regular fits if possible, opt instead for a tailored fit, or slim, dependant on your body type. White is the best bet, but feel free to try something new!


All Saints £78, TK Maxx £19.99, John Lewis £39.20

The number one rule for picking a smart sweater is the fit. It needs to be able to fit snugly under your blazer so make sure it is tailored to perfection. Your usual shops of Topman, and River Island won’t do here. Opt for something more expensive that will last you a few years. Again, to carry you through the future go for classic colours: black, grey, brown. Think cashmere.


Nordstrom £165, River Island £22, Calvin Kelin $89

Winter is the one of the only times it is socially acceptable to wear a turtleneck and not look like a total douche. Of course this is a very busy piece so keep it simplistic, and a thin, skintight option is preferable. Your cotton blend should include viscose, a synthetic-like material for extra tautness.

Smart Trousers

Aliexpress £17.99, Next £20, Topman £34

Black, duh. We’re all about the classic look so pick up some plain black trousers. The fit should be slim, or fitted, this isn’t work it’s a party so they should be a little more fun. Pleated fronts are the better option here, they’re smart and much more accommodating in the middle region. Steer clear of man made fibres, and full wool (they itch). Half lined is the way to go.

Casual Trousers

Asos £40, Reclaim Vintage £45, River Island £35

If you feel like mixing it up, don’t go too far! You will still have to see these people on Monday morning, and this is a night to dress up. You’ll probably never make it to the Oscars so this is your special night of the year. For casual options, still stay relatively smart. Grey, brown, and cream are acceptable but steer clear of white or bold colours! Try a patterned pair, or a different fabric.

Smart Shoes



Blue Inc £5, M&S £69, Reiss £95

Oxfords not brogues. That’s what we learned from Kingsman, and it kind of makes sense, they’re sleek and smart. When in doubt, a plain black Oxford will always be a safe choice. There are some more contemporary varieties now, you can jazz it up a little without going OTT in glittery pumps.

Casual Shoes

House of Fraiser £45.50, John Lewis £79, River Island £25

It has been in vogue to mix up a super slick outfit with casual shoes in recent years. No, we don’t mean a suit with converse like ’07, but something different than dress shoes to add a little flair.


All Saints £348, Diesel £290, Next £90

A peacoat is the perfect option to wear to the event. There are several colours and styles to choose from, most are good. You won’t be wearing it for too long but it is a staple of your wardrobe so make your choice wisely. Also, find what works well for your body type and shape. Shorter pieces can make you look overly round if its too thick, while longer fits could make you look like Neo from The Matrix.


Dobel £9.99, Hawes&Curtis £35, Tieroom £19

Necktie, or bow-tie? Either are good. If you’re going fully classic, a thin black necktie will always work well. Once again, colour is the enemy, but change up the style if you dare to add a little pop. Bow-ties are already a statement so keep it simple. Texture is key. This is where you can introduce a small amount of velvet, diamantis are a boys best friend, and leather look can also be sleek. Shop around! Just match it to your colouring.


H Samuel £54.99, Not on the High Street £34, John Lewis £15



With mens formal, the little touches are what really set off the outfit. Depending on how out there you wish to put yourself there is a few extra things you could buy. Cufflinks, suspenders, watches, jewellery. Get one or two pieces to really set your outfit off, but please don’t go overboard. Simplicity is key.

Now you have your wardrobe for the party sorted, go forth and have fun! Just don’t foget, there’s a large difference between work colleagues and friends who will wipe vomit off your shoes.

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