Watch Now: Scream Queens Killers Revealed Since The Start

Ryan Murphy is known for putting clips in his promos that foreshadow future story lines, but this time he really went all out.

As many of you Scream Queen fans may remember the original opening credits were seldom used throughout the actual airing of the show, but was released in full online.

What looks like a fun and glitzy credits sequence actually quite clearly showcases two of the four main killers.

Gigi and Boone were not included in the promo but were revealed to be in on the plot within the first few episodes.

As the cast scream and cower their way through the video two characters stand out: Hester gives a quick thumbs up alongside the red devil, and Pete gives a cheeky wink before closing his coffin.

As you must have seen the finale now, you will know Hester was in cahoots with dead gay Boone, and Gigi. Pete also found himself working with Boone on a more casual basis.

Watch the video below!

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