Top 10: Glee Christmas Songs

It’s growing ever closer to that big day so for #FeelGoodFriday we’re included an extra 10 festive tunes. For our top 10 Christmas bops this week we have gone gleeful!

As a staple of our favourite musical-comedy we had a winter even to look forward to each year, now the show has come to an end we’ve counted down their best offerings for another cover-filled Christmas. Check out our best pop Christmas songs HERE.

1. Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Obviously to start us off we have the one that kicked off our holidays in the first holiday instalment of the series. A crucial moment in the Klaine saga, the fandom was lit after this sweet duet, and as a gay Christmas song it’s a sweet one we still like to listen to.

2. Do They Know It’s Christmas?

This is one of those tracks that makes your heart swell as soon as it begins, and to witness it from characters who we have grown to love over the years adds a little oomph to that. Plus, setting it in a homeless shelter, while a bit on the nose, brings to home how this time of year is all about giving.

3. This Is The New Year

While not directly a Christmas song, this cheery number is all about embracing your past and living for now. It is the new year and another chance for you to better aspects of your life, a truly motivational tune for being the best you that you can be!

4. O Holy Night

We’ve got to include an oldie here, this carol is over 100 years old and has been covered to death, but Lea Michele’s rendition gives us chills. The performance is no thrills, just her, a mic and that voice.

5. Let It Snow

Back again is our favourite Glee couple, Kurt and Blaine also sang White Christmas which is just as good, but we like their version of Let It Snow that is effortless and fun.

6. Santa Baby

It is escándalo that Naya Rivera’s cover of this Eartha Kitt classic was cut from the show, but we still have the full track and partial video to re-watch online. This is one of our favourite jams regardless, so adding our favourite character into the mix is fabulous overload.

7. Christmas Wrapping

Not exactly a classic, and rarely ranked among the best Glee covers, yet we love Heather Morris’ track. Perhaps because we had never heard the original prior. Plus, the performance was to die for: black and white, mini santa coats and the ribbon dancing. Amazing.

8. Jingle Bell Rock

There will never be a version of this song that will beat the iconic Mean Girls scene but a charming serenade will do. The soft little number is lovely chilled out track.

9. Feliz Navidad

This offering is purely upbeat and fun, a joyous song that you can just bop along to. The lyrics may not be touching or intelligent but at least we know how to say Merry Christmas in spanish now.

10. Rockin Around The Christmas Tree


Another fun holiday bop for the family, this one featured mostly the guys and that is fiiiine by us. Especially when on of the guys is Jacob Artist. Yasss.

Listen in Spotify.

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