Why You Should Be Watching Telenovela

Eva Longoria is back on the TV after a three year break following her iconic role on Desperate Housewives. Her new project is hilarious and a full camp-fest.

The NBC show premiered a special one-hour preview before it finds its way to a regular slot in the new year Mondays at 8:30pm starting on January, 4.

We all love telenovelas and soaps, the drama, the twists, the wonderfully over-the-top acting. This show goes behind the drama to show the real drama of working on such a show. What pushes the comedy even higher is that it is played out in actual telenovela fashion: an evil twin, betrayal, random shirtless scenes.

Eva first of all is on point. She is now in an unabashedly comedic role without the drama of DH holding her back. Her comedic-timing is perfect both physical and witty, it’s like seeing all the best parts of Gabrielle back on our screens.

The show sees her character Ana Sofia as the leading star of the television show who now has to share the screen with her cheating ex-husband Xavier as her new onscreen lover. Hilarity ensues.

Her two best friends are both proving to be great characters in their own right. Mimi is intelligent but also the kind of drunken aunt we all want to have. Gay co-star Gael is dumb as fudge, but super hot and willing to strip his shirt at the drop of a hat.

The villain of the show is ageing diva and previous star of the show Isabela. She is a Whilemena-type who just goes around being mean and catty so we’re in love. Prison Break alum Amaury Nolasco has yet to show much of his personality, much like character Roxie.

Zachary Levi also appears as the networks new producer, James McMahon so we’re excited to see more of this hottie as the episodes go by.

Our Verdict Is: The show is a great comedy that is sure to get a few laughs out of you, if you liked 30 Rock, you may enjoy this also. Give the first episode a go for the feel of the show, we’re sure you’ll love it too!

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