Trainwreck: Review

The Golden Globe nominees have been announced, and in turn we are reviewing the selected films. Trainwreck and Amy Schumer are both up for big noms this year, so read our review below!

Amy Schumer has owned 2015, quickly becoming the publics bad girl sweetheart after an unbelievably successful year. Firstly her show Inside Amy Schumer went from strength to strength winning an Emmy, and Critics Choice Award. She then hosted the MTV Movie Awards, a coveted spot for up-and-coming comedians, to great praise. With a stint on SNL, her own HBO stand-up special and gracing the covers of multiple magazines and talk show couches, she rounded out the year writing and starring in her own movie that has now been nominated for a Golden Globe. Go Amy!

Promo for the movie went great, she killed every interview and took every opportunity to unashamedly plug her big blockbuster. We had rinsed the internet dry of every Schumer related video and stood in line with bated breath and our ticket in hand, excited for a two hour laugh fest featuring our new favourite comic. We left disheartened.

It’s not that Trainwreck is a bad movie, it’s just it’s not the movie we signed up for. The jokes were there, and we smiled alongside glimpses of her trademark humour, but it was not the gut-busting material we had come to expect from Schumer. Coupled in with a gritty relationship and depressing  side-storyline we left the theatre unfulfilled. By the halfway point the humour ceases entirely and an unexpected dramatic tone shrouds the entire second act.

The story is that of a gender-flipped romcom that focuses on a fictional commitment-phobe Amy enjoying her life dating a string of men before finding herself in a rut and beginning to fall for Aaron (Bill Hader).

While navigating her strained love life, she also has to juggle work, her sick father and her turbulent relationship with her sister and extended family.

To begin the movie is big on laughs, exploring the modern sexual politics of young women, a look at how the fairer sex treat sex and men in the 21st Century compared to the cling, monogamous shrews they are painted to be. As the movie continues she loses her beliefs and desperately wishes to settle down, whittling the movie down to a conventional rehash.

For her first starring role Schumer did a fair job, though her charisma shines far brighter as a stand-up comic, as a female led R-rated comedy that over exceeded expectations at the box office she certainly has been a shining beacon for women in film, specifically comedy this year.

Bill Hader brought the laughs as usual, though odd seeing him as a leading man. Tilda Swinton swapped her usual dramatic tone for a wonderfully comedic flair, while Brie Larson provided her always understated but solid supporting role.

John Cena was a highlight of the movie, he was the true scene stealer throughout his time onscreen, marking his true big screen breakthrough providing hilarious jokes with perfect comedic timing. He also performed an incredibly sexy yet awkward sex scene and appeared almost fully nude. We wouldn’t be mad to have the movie been played out through his perspective.

LeBron James also made his first acting debut, playing himself, but once more like Cena proved to be a standout as a stellar comedy actor for a renowned sportsman.

Judd Apatow directed and produced, and while he is noted for his standout work with Step Brothers, Bridesmaids, and Anchorman among his extensive list of comedy work, he has also worked on a few duds Zookeeper, Year One and Funny People et el. Either way, having this man attached to your project brings notoriety as he usually brings the good. He did a decent job here but his comedies often come with an emotional side story, possibly the reason for the disjointed plot.

Overall the movie is decent enough, if you’re a cult Judd Apatow viewer, or a fan of Amy Schumer then give it a go,but if you’re looking for silly humour and non-stop laughs then go elsewhere. This movie is witty, punchy but touching.

Our Verdict: Could this win a Golden Globe for best Musical or Comedy? In short, no.

Could Amy Schumer snag best actress? Again, she has done wonderful to get nominated, and while the Hollywood Foreign Press Association may love to give this up-and-comer a shot her category is far too strong this year.

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