Jarre Speakers Review

We’re using our #TechTuesdays this december to bring you the best ideas for Christmas gifts, we have great taste so they’re obviously gifts to ask for and not buy other people, duh.

This week is Jarre speakers. Forget the Beats Pill, they’re far too common, we need a high quality speaker system that is also great to look at. Nobody wants to see a clunky iPhone dock or have to drag out your speakers every time you want to listen to a Real Housewives latest single.

Now this company specialises in audio, ran by Jean Michel Jarre who is super artsy, the products themselves follow suit as beautiful pieces of decor.

There are a couple of different options to choose from depending on your monetary standing, nonetheless they’re all good with totally fetch names; AeroBull, AeroSkull, AeroDream. Basically that all have “Aero” as a prefix which make them 10x better, as with that little letter “i”.


All of the products are ultra high definition, outstanding for any music lover, sleek and beautiful for a stylish maven but the prices are reflective of the high end quality ranging from £89 all the way up to £15,000.

Each of the speakers are equipped with wireless capabilities as well as an AUX input and line in to play CD’s. With a few clicks, the set up is simple for even the most chronic of technophobes.

Our favourite is the AeroBull retailing at £1,499.00 on the main site but cheaper from alternative companies such as Selfridges, so make sure you look around. The remote control is in the shape of a bone too, which is just fantastic.


The AeroSkull is also a solid choice, and relatively cheaper than the former at £599 (again, cheaper elsewhere) and still a great docking station in a range of colours.


The higher end sees the Aero System One at £849, and the AeroSystem One by Lalique, a whopping £13,000 – £15,000. We’re not even going fantasise about this one, that is crazy amounts to spend on a speaker. Yes, it is great quality, of course it is visually stunning but screw that!


The more practical and cheaper options are the RainBow, which are kind of like those coloured iPod nano options, they have a wide range of bright options and are portable.

Next is the AeroTwist which can clip into the shape of a donut to safely be attached to a bag, bike etc. Which is pretty innovative and quirky, but who want’s to be the douche that forces others to listen to their blazing music when you could just plug in your headphones?


Lastly, and this is the most affordable of options is the AeroSkull nano at £89 on the site it is the most attainable of pieces, but is super tiny. Great for listening to music at your desk or rehearsing a one-man production of Wicked in your bedroom, but I wouldn’t bring this one out at a party.

The last that we won’t even entertain enquiring about is the AeroDream One that stands at over 11″ tall and has ladders to reach the iPhone dock. It describes itself as ‘The ultimate tower station for iPod, iPad and iPhone by Jarre Technologies.’ Where the price usually it, it tells us to call and enquire which means one thing. This piece is more expensive than your house and car combined. Insanity.


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