Callum Hood Shows Whats Under The Hood

5SOS have always been the bootleg One Direction, but when it comes to dick pics they beat the boys 1-0. Happy #HumpDay!

Calum Hood, AKA the best looking of the bunch, was left red-faced last year when a video of him exposing himself hit the web.

Unfortunately it was just a Snapchat so we only got to see a snap of it. By the amount of back and forth on the phone he had obviously been sexting the female for a while before she decided to leak the image.

Either way fans were overjoyed to see the boy bands other member up close and personal.

We’ve decided to share the video once more to celebrate their latest single Jet Black Heart¬†enjoy!

The boybander wasn’t left too upset, he’s displayed quite a bit of his body to fans already and once the deed was done simply tweeted “At least ya know what it looks like now.” Cheeky.

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Check Out The Video HERE

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