Re-Viewed: Sugar And Spice

If you haven’t seen the 2001 film Sugar and Spice then you are lucky, you get to witness the genius for the first time!


Part girly teen flick, part bank heist, totally hilarious; the movie sees the head cheerleader of Lincoln High School fall pregnant and call on the rest of her squad to help her rob a bank for money to raise the baby.

The premise may sound a bit WTF, but thats its charm. The film does not try to be anything it isn’t, six seemingly (and perhaps at times) air-headed girls pull their heads together and figure out a way to pull off an incredible heist.


The story is a whole lot of fun, you laugh at the characters and plot as much¬†as with the characters. A sex-obsession of Conan O’Brien, a cheer rivalry, and performing illegal dismounts to conceal cameras. Theres nothing not to adore.

The plot lightly shows the difficulty of being a pregnant teen from being disowned, trying to hold down jobs while attending school and the horrors of getting stretch marks! It actually does a good job in making us hopeful for our protagonist.


They don disguises as Betty dolls, draw blueprints on the back of cheer rally posters, and cello tape broken gun pieces together to devise their plan. Random cheer performances take place out of nowhere and even more suprsingly there are some real heart-warming moments. Mostly including Fern. Bless her.

The characters are two-dimensional but fun none-the-less, kind of like separate Spice Girls. You have the brainy one, the flirty one, the christian one, the angry one, and then the leader. A young Mena Suvari and Marley Shelton do well in their roles, making the best of their respective roles.


The eye candy of the flick? James Marsden. A stellar choice for any movie heartthrob and coming just one year after his X-Men debut. He plays dim-witted jock and father to the unborn baby.


When it hit the cinema the movie was declared a box office bomb, earning just under $17mil on a $27mil budget.¬†Critics were quick to berate the movie for its irresponsible depiction of teens with guns and were quick to label it shallow and melodramatic. But as we know, you can’t be a gay cult favourite without being blasted by the critics.


Our Verdict Is: An underrated and unacknowledged flick that could perfectly sit alongside any gay cult classic. If you enjoy Bring It On and Inside Man, mix them together and here you have Sugar and Spice.

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