‘Christmas Queens’ – Review

We told you about Christmas Queens way back when, now it’s out and even on Spotify. If you haven’t brought or listened to the album yet then shame on you!

We love the ladies of Drag Race and any album a sister releases we’re first in line to give it a listen, a best of holiday album is literally a gift from Jesus himself so give the son of God some respect. We’ve decided to give it a track by track review to convince you to support our troops drag queens.

1. “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” Christmas Queens

A fun opening hearing our favourite queens come together on this gives us carolling goals. A strong beginning, they each get their own little solo comedy segment: Phi Phi about her villain statement, Violet’s tone deafness, Katya’s Russian character and Alaska being Alaska.


2. “Everyday Is Christmas,” Alaska

Alaska is our personal favourite queens so of course we love this track. She actually has a nice voice and is quite the adept songwriter. It’s fun and catchy with a nice message below the comedy.

3. “Christma-Hannu-Kwanzaa-Ka,” Ginger Minj

Mixing in a typical dance track with a variety of religious holiday celebrations she hilariously provides us with a run down of what she’s learned on Wikipedia through the music. Maybe she’s covering her bases for fans after she lost season 7.


4. “Toyland,” Miss Fame

Kind of a downer after Ginger’s thumping beats, but once you get into it it’s surprisingly quite touching. Her vocals are beautiful and it oozes beauty and grace.

5. “Jingle Bells,” Sharon Needles

We’re unsure of this British? accent she’s pulling. Maybe it’s a punk rock reference we’re not quite getting, somebody said Sid Vicious. It doesn’t stand out as a sore thumb, but we were expecting something a bit more dark and demonic from her.

6. “12 Days of Christmas,” Katya

Okay, werk. Fans everywhere were shocked when she did not make the finale, and for good reason. Work such as this displays perfectly what a great talent she is. It’s just hilarious the entire way through, especially ‘herpes’. It works better on the album, the video makes it seem longer and more exhausting. Speaking of which how did she get Jerry O’Connel?

7. “From Head to Mistletoe,” Courtney Act

I was not a Courtney fan in her season, mostly I think I just desperately wanted Bianca or Adore to win, but she has won me over in spades since. Her voice, style and artistry a beautiful. Her lyrics great, and she’s totally got her own sense of humour and takes everything in her stride. This is a highlight of the record, and could easily mix in with your regular Christmas tracks.

Courtney Act

8. “Ratchet Christmas,” Jiggly Caliente

This probably the epitome of what you expect from a drag queen holiday album, it’s unexpectedly great from Jiggly. Funny, but also one you can bop to, we’ve got ‘let’s get twisted, merry ratchet Christmas stuck in our head’.

9. “This Is How We Jew It,” Detox

Perhaps the funniest offering, and one for the Jews on Hanukkah. Perhaps. It gives us a feeling of both Selfie and Shoes remember that song? Actually a great beat, and the companion video is hilarious also. We’ve got this on repeat.

10. “Christmas Sweater,” Alaska, Courtney Act & Willam

Another one of our faves, we’re totally ready for an AAA Girls album. Their collabs are always among our favourite works from the RPDR girls. We love the Home Alone reference and the quips between three are always great. It’s actually a totally fun, catchy, warm track.

11. “A Very Cozby Christmas,” Willam

First of all let us just highlight the track name, Willam is always so bad! A play on Baby, It’s Cold Outside she reworks it in her comedic style. Not her greatest work, but typical Willam it is still a quality offering.


12. “Christmas Is Coming,” Darienne Lake, Ivy Winters & Pandora Boxx

Bless the three girls not being able to get their own track, it’s sort of a budget AAA girls. Not great, the chorus is catchy and easy but the banter between the queens fall flat. Maybe a skippable one.


13. “The Night Before Christmas,” Violet Chachki

The spoken track is unmistakably Chachki if you heard her Bettie track, dark and leather-bound she talks about S&M and young boys. Our dominatrix has a brand she’s sticking to. If you heard her singing on the show you’ll see why its spoken, she’s probably only included due to being current owner of the crown. A skippable track.


14. “Naughty or Nice,” Phi Phi O’Hara

It’s not bad and her voice is decent enough, but we’re just not a Phi Phi fan. Not for any negative reason, she just isn’t up their with the best. It’s written well and the production is good, still it’s kind of middle ground. There’s nothing special or captivating here.

15. “Red & Green,” Jinkx Monsoon

This is the most Christmas-friendly song, as in it actually sounds like a Christmas track without the jokes or double entendre’s. It’s jazzy and in true Jinkx fashion sweet as pie. Maybe a little slow compared to the rest but a decent offering.


16. “Slay Bells,” Manila Luzon

Glamorous as alway Manila slays with this cute track. Totally materialistic the song is fun and unbelievably catchy, she is completely Miss. Congeniality here. ‘Sleigh bell’s ringeling, i’m so sickening’.

Listen in Spotify.

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