Top 10: Bops Of The Week

It’s Friday 18 December! Time for our last weekend before that big day! We’ve compiled an extra special top 10 bops of the week for you today!

We’ve taken all the best in music and whittled it down for 10 music hear tracks, so while you’re in a mad dash to pick up the last of your presents and desperately checking names off your list take a minute to relax with some great tunes!

1. Forever Young – Louisa Johnson

We may have stopped watching this series once our bae Seann Miley Moore was shockingly axed in week but we’re willing to give the winners track a listen. It’s tradition nowadays. She is a great vocalist from what we’ve heard and although this may be no Jay and Bey Forever Young, it’s still respectable.

2. History – One Direction

Is this their greatest track? In a word, no. But it’s fitting to the end of their careers¬†time in the band. If you watched the finale of X Factor (or YouTube clips like us) you couldn’t help but feel a twang of emotion as the video played images¬†of the boys from the start of their career throughout their massive success. Even if they did do a bit of Zayn cropping.

3. Shut Up – Stormzy

This one isn’t new, it was released way back in spring, but grime MC Stormzy has debut a campaign to reach the Christmas number one and is comfortably sitting at number two in the charts already! It’s a good track and here’s our support. (even though this tradition has been way overdone and was at its peak with Rage Against The Machine)

4. Christmas & Chill – Ariana Grande

While this is an EP, not a song we love everything Grande has to offer, and we’re living for her tryna steal Mariah’s christmas crown year after year. The title is hilarious, and the tracks are interesting to say the least.

5. Jet Black Heart – 5SOS

The latest to be released from their new album this track, while still punk-pop-rock is more mature than the rest of their hits. It’s moody but still fun, and at times sweet. They’re giving us 2003 Busted tees.

6. Into The Night – NERO

This one is a total 80’s throwback, full of fun, spunk and electro-pop beats. The British trio have previously won a Grammy for their work with Skrillex and we’re loving their new work just as much. Perfect for raving in the club.

7. Love Myself (KREAM Remix) – Hailee Steinfeld

We are still crazy obsessed with this song, it’s so empowering and beautiful. The remix may not be as good as the original, but it’s still great for a listen. Plus it means we can put this track back on our favourites list. We love you too Hailee!

8. Run The Streets – Tommy Tee

The beat for this song is sick, and while the chorus may be a little overplayed we’re sure once were drunk we will be screaming along. The reggae rapping is amazing, we’d love to learn the lyrics but it just wouldn’t sound the same coming from whitey.

9. Place On Earth – A-Trak ft ZooFunktion

This. Song. Is. So. Gay. Just give it a listen, its hoppy, fun and did we mention gay? There’s amazing beats and mixes to dance to in the electro-house styled track. A-Trak did an amazing job producing, we’ll have to keep a keener eye out for him in 2016.

10. All The Things She Said – Tatu

Yeah sure, one of them may have been lying about being lesbian before turning into a homophobic bigot but this was such a tune right? The ginger one is our queen who publicly condemned the formers comments. Plus, this was a big step forward for the LGBT community, even if guys did just want to see the video for jerking material.

Listen in Spotify.

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