Top 10: Christmas Bops Of The Week

It’s the final Friday before Christmas! There is now officially SEVEN days to count down until Christmas morning! As such we have decided to treat you to our top 10 Christmas bops by the best in pop.

The list discounts oldies like O Come All Ye Faithful and just focuses on the beautiful faces of pop. As with the last list, the stuffy and overplayed tunes like Mariah Carey and Buble will not appear.

1. Give Love On Christmas Day – The Jackson 5

This one had to be first up, remember Michael’s sweet voice long before all the messiness of his life. A beautiful message and not nearly played enough around this time of year! This should be inducted to the playlist of classics.

2. This Christmas – Christina Aguilera

We kind of feel like with all the Britney, N Sync love we gave last week we kind of have to include Christina too, like an underachieving sibling. She tries so hard, and who doesn’t want screaming vocal runs on Christmas? Her names close to Christmas too so here’s our present to her.

3. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – She & Him

She & Him may not be vocally outstanding, but for the holidays you need a little chill at points. We’ll play this one after dinner when we’re comatose. They have a few xmas tracks but this is possibly their sweetest. P.S. when is New Girl back?

4. 100 Degrees – Kylie Minogue ft. Dannii Minogue

Bless the Aussies having their Christmas in the middle of summer, that just doesn’t seem right does it? At least their pop queen has released her own holiday album so they can get tracks like this about celebrating in the sun. Also, both the Minogue’s on one track, erm, yes please! Truly a Christmas miracle.

5. Man With The Bag – Jessie J

Who knew Jessie ‘bisexual turned straight’ J had a couple of Christmas tracks? Her voice lends itself perfectly to the genre. She has big, and strong voice that brings soul and excitement to any track.

6. Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Jessica Simpson ft. Nick Lachey

Many celebs have covered this track Gaga and Levitt, Buble and Menzel (which is probably vocally stronger) but the newlyweds? THE newlyweds! We are living. They were the golden couple of reality tv who have had crazy up and downs (or downs and downs for the latter) and we love them for it.

7. Christmas In Harlem – Kanye West ft. Prynce Cy Hi

We like a bit of diversity on Christmas, theres only so many sleigh bells you can stomach. This track offers a bit of something cooler that you can play when you visit your relatives. We’re sure they’ll love it.

8. Last Christmas – Carly Rae Jepsen

Her album was a pop gem that nobody gave her due credit for, so were dragging out her should be stardom as much as we can to the holidays. She does a good job on the track, and we just love her so take a listen.

9. Text Me Merry Christmas – Straight No Chaser ft. Kristen Chenoweth

Firstly, any Chenoweth song is sure to be included in our top 10, we don’t care care if its in a gangsta rap category she’s still our bae. The song is humorous written for the younger generation, tweeting and texting a Christmas message is the new way. No more hanging our greetings cards.

10. Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass – All Time Low

The season is about love and being with your family and friends, but we like a bit of indie rock so heres our alternative option. Take the moodiness of ALT and blast it when you’ve come back from present shopping empty handed, or when you open a pair of socks hoping for an Apple watch. WTF grandma?

Listen in Spotify.

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