In The Glass Closet: Taj Mowry

Over the past few glass closet items we have given you a wide range of evidence pertaining to multiple celebs sexuality. This time we are less certain of this particular stars orientation.

Taj Mowry hasn’t had gay rumours seriously circulate him until fairly recently. Most notable being name checked by Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Hazel E.

An episode of the reality show saw the rapper get a drink thrown in her face by gay blogger Jason Lee. When probed as to why she gave a lengthy statement revealing that her indication he was having ‘relationship problems’ with Mowry was what caused the spat.

In case you’re interested here is the lengthy statement: “I was unaware that this character person was not only on the show but ON the show AND having beef with me. So I was taken aback by this person that I maybe met once or twice in Hollywood that I just never got close to having so much animosity to me. How do you hate somebody that you don’t even know or met or encountered? So it was awkward and him, uh, assaulting…attacking me by throwing a whole cup of Ciroc and pineapple [juice] in my eyes. I was just in shock. It was the day before my birthday, it was absolutely horrible, and I just felt like he was watching reality TV and was like ‘drink throw! That’s how you make yourself relevant.’ […] There was a statement when I said, ‘The only time I encountered you is when you were fake working out on the canyon acting like you were trying to lose weight and you said you were ‘having issues with your relationship with Tahj Mowry’ and that’s when he threw the drink. That’s what was cut out because I wasn’t technically allowed to out anybody but I didn’t out him. He had outed him and had this whole thing that he was mad that I brought it back up.”

The Smart Guy child star, most recently known for his role on Baby Daddy further fanned the flames by liking three pictures of a scantily clad gay bodybuilder on Instagram recently.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 23.21.18

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 23.08.21

The posts featured openly gay fitness buff Andrew, who goes by the username @sir_titles, who often posts shirtless selfies. While it could be swept away as fitspo one saw him in tighty whiteys with his ass in the air.

The younger sibling of Tia and Tamera Mowrey took to Twitter to answer any doubt stating: “I wonder when gay guys r gonna realize they cant have me. Im straight. #getoverit Not every good lookin dude is gay. Im flattered, but #fail”.


A little harsh but if you say so Mowry. As of now he is not so much in the glass closet as perhaps a self-denial one?

He had an apparent relationship with a woman, Erica Ocampo, a few years back but they only graced one article so we’re unsure about that. Also, he’s really not famous enough to have a beard so perhaps his love for God and orthodox family life has made him shy in speaking on his sexuality.

In his acting, and across interviews fans have noted his feminine tendencies and it seems everything involving him sparks a debate in the comments over his orientation. Just watch pretty much anything he is in and you’ll assume the character is gay.


What Tahj is, isn’t or what he chooses to put out to the world is none of our business. “Do you” we would say, and if he’s just a more soft-acting straight man then that’s absolutely fine. We’re just here to give the evidence.

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