Top 10: Brittany Murphy Movies

It’s been six years to the day since Brittany Murphy’s tragic passing, so to celebrate her life we have decided to list her top 10 movies.

She was an incredibly sincere, and moving performer with an unmatched charisma and vulnerability, though for some reason she struggled to get the roles that best demonstrated this. Here are some of her best.

10. The Ramen Girl

One of her later movies, the actress by this time had passed her heyday as an American sweetheart and people were beginning to forget about her, and though this movie under-performed and altogether was not that great her performance was. She was funny, at times hilarious. She was sweet. And she was, as always, very touching and endearing.

9. Drop Dead Gorgeous

As Lisa Swenson in this dark comedy, she once again got to thrive in her humorous abilities portraying the much too kind girl to be caught up in the world of pageantry. Her character was in both parts adorable and sassy. The movie included a cast of some of the most accomplished young actresses of the late nineties and she appeared to be one of those on top of the pack.

8. Sin City

Though her role in this flick may not have been an extensively large one, she made the most of what little material she was given. Starring as a femme fetal in this film noir, comic book styled movie she played Shellie, a barmaid whose abusive ex-boyfriend would harass her much to the chagrin of new lover Dwight. Alongside a great artistic direction, imaginative stories and equally notable cast she handled the character greatly.

7. Just Married

While not an Oscar-type movie Murphy shines in this cute litre rom com. Remembering the starlet as a happy, cute girl it’s easy to forget much of her filmography is comprised of gritty movies. This is a perfect display of her wonderful comedic timing and adorable personality. Starring alongside her then beau Ashton Kutcher she is a truly enigmatic leading lady with beauty, comedy and relatability we all admire.

6. Don’t say a word

While the nail-biting thriller may have its issues, viewers could agree on one thing. Brittany Murphy stole the show. She seemed so into her character it was at times scary, a part that could have been annoying or laughable was given weight as she threw herself all in to bring the work to life. Her work, outshining veteran actors Michael Douglas and Sean Penn led to award-buzz.

5. 8 Mile

Though many may remember this as being Eminem’s movie, Murphy was the quiet but brilliant co-star that added much needed emotion into the film while Eminem was still a novice. She played his onscreen lover and sexual abuse victim. She was entirely believable as a bad girl, and equally tortured in her relationship and memories of her past.

4. Spun

Starring as a heroin addict Nikki in this harsh yet humorous movie, she performs with truth and honesty. At times grisly and bleak while other times exuberant and celestial. She creates a defined character and conveys the multitude of emotions as a person reliant on drugs and alcohol.

3. Girl, Interrupted

Her portrayal of Daisy Randone in Girl, Interrupted truly cemented her talents as a legitimate actress. It was harrowingly dark and chilling, even more so since her untimely death. Her role was that of lightness in the gristly movie, sweet and unassuming her character had a deeper darkness. Sexually abused, bulimic and OCD, she balanced the naivety and aggression of the character to perfection.

2. Clueless

This was unquestionably Murphy’s breakout role, and the one she has since been most remembered for. Her turn of Tai Frasier, ugly duckling turned beauty demonstrated the best of her abilities. Endearing, vulnerable, darkly humorous and a bit of an outsider, she was a true highlight of the cult movie. Even uttering possibly one of the best lines in cinematic history “You’re a virgin who can’t drive” Ouch Tai.

1. Uptown Girls

Some may argue with this movie being placed so high, but it’s our personal favourite. While it’s an oddball couple comedy with a young Dakota Fanning as serious, pessimist and she as a ditzy, gleeful babysitter, Molly the film sees a heart amount of touching moments that give the flick weight. The character while harmless and cheery on the surface, has deeper fears and problems she avoids, she tries endlessly to do her best and be the best she can, but always seems to fall short. To us this is her greatest performance as its totally Brittany Murphy. The teacups scene always leaves us in tears.

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