Why You Should Be Watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This pilot season one of the most innovative new shows has been vastly overlooked.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a musical comedy-drama that sees its lead Rebecca relocate to West Covina, California in pursuit of her ex-boyfriend from 10 years ago.

Created and starring Rachel Bloom, who had previously created inappropriate viral music videos and wrote for Robot Chicken, the script is edgy and spunky while not too far gone for pleasurable viewing.

Originally created for Showtime the series finally found a home at The CW. While it fits alongside the teen programming, it is far better than the majority of the networks content. Though it was extensively reworked to fit premium cable, a bonus came it extending from a half hour show to a full hour long.

We know that Glee-fatigue is still very much set in yourself, but the musical numbers are less Broadway and more SNL. The songs such as the ‘Sexy getting ready song’ and ‘Sex with a stranger’ are all hilarious and definite highlights of each episode, often mocking the musicals genre itself.

The cast are great, as creator Bloom’s character oozes realness and relatability as the flawed lead, edging the line between character and caricature. Donna Lynne Champlin, Vincent Rodreiguez, and Santiago Fontana are all largely unknown to a larger audience, mostly noted for their stage work, yet fit effortlessly into their roles.

Honestly, who hasn’t displayed a bit of crazy when it comes to an ex? It’s like looking at a past version of ourselves at times. Rated 100% fresh on Rotten Tomato the show is a hidden gem, but while the episode number has been extended the ratings aren’t great at the moment so get to watching!

Our Verdict Is: The best show nobodies watching, this one was tailor made to the gays so give it a try. We’re sure you’ll love the dark comedy!

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