Man Of The Week: Adam Driver

Our choice for ‘Man of the Week’ this week is an… acquired taste. We can barely believe it ourselves but that lanky, scrawny guy from Girls is our #MCM.

Adam Driver has only been in the business six short years, but in that time he has gone from strength to strength now being a starring member of the latest much-awaited Star Wars film.


Chances are he most likely came to your attention as the main love interest on girls, also named Adam. Upon first viewing we asked ourselves “Is this our Mr.Big? Him?” he was just kind of gawky looking. By the end of the first season, and in the years since we are wishing he was our Mr.Big.


His character is electric, he’s sensitive, spontaneous, intelligent and dare we say, kind of hot in a weird way. We are officially fans.

Since starting on the show he earned a role in Inside Llewyn Davis for which he won the Hamptons International Film Festival award for breakthrough performance. He also starred in Tracks as the lead actor alongside Mia Wasikowska and While We’re Young alongside Zac Efron.


Most recently he’s gearing up to star in perhaps what may be the biggest movie in the past few years, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Hallowed ground for any actor and something that could really cement him on the A-list if he delivers, and we’re such he will.


He has a few movies lined up for the future Midnight Special with Kirsten Dunst and Silence directed by Martin Scorsese. It doesn’t hurt to be Mr.Driver right now.

We hope you’re loving this loveable oddball too, keep your eye on him as we’re sure you’ll be seeing a lot more from him in the coming years!

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