Raise Money For LGBT Charities For Free When You Shop Online

This isn’t a scam, and there is no catch! You can shop online as usual and the retailers will donate to the charity!

We’re so excited about this and desperately wish to share the information to as many LGBT members as possible to help our own, especially this Christmas.

LGBT Youth Scotland is the largest youth organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the country. Their mission is to empower LGBT members in school, at home and in the larger society.

If you sign up to EasyFunding and register your chosen charity, there are many to choose from but this is our choice, then before you decide to make a purchase online instead go through this site and the shop will pay money to the charity each time you buy!

So far the site has raised over £10 million, but this charity has only gained £51.54 from that total, so sign up and help us raise that number higher.


You can opt out of emails, you can shop at any of your favourite stores: Amazon, John Lewis, Asda, Ebay. You name it!

If you need to source funding yourself for a project, or charity you can easily set up your own cause for free! Send the link out to all your friends and before you know it you too can be earning donations!

We really believe in this cause, and that a little can help go a long way. So before you buy the rest of your online gifts check out the website!

Click HERE for more information.

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