Moovz: Review

If you’re an eagle eyed viewer you may have spotted a glaringly obvious Moovz product placement. We decided to give Detox’s new sponsorship a go and see what the apps about.

It is described as ‘the biggest global LGBT social network’ to ‘share your experience, make new friends, discover interesting stories and keep up with your community, anytime, anywhere.’

When opening the app there are three core options ‘Share Your Thoughts’, ‘Meet New People’, and ‘Chat With Your Friends’. At first glance it looks far friendlier than gay apps such as Grindr, and the head points are important for young gay people who may feel alone. Already it seems to be a winner.

Signing up is a doddle, you can either set up your profile through Facebook which seems to be the easier option to create your profile for you, or email in case you’re too cool to use FaceyB. The app assures it does not post on your social media, in case you’re still in the closet out there.

Setting up the profile i’m pleasantly surprised my small town is an option in the ‘Cities’ profile, it is obviously well tailor-made. You must be over 18 which seems to cut out a large chunk of LGBT youth (perhaps I should make my own app for them, hello Dragons Den). The sexuality choice is ‘Gay’ or ‘Lesbian’ with a drop down for ‘Bisexual’, ‘Transgender’, ‘Straight’, or ‘I’d rather not say”.

Messages is one of the five core buttons at the bottom. Already I have a message from a Spanish man saying “hey” as soon as I enter the app.

Users List is another that shows the closest LGBT members around me. It’s strange to see women on the list compared to the usual gay apps I use, but a welcome change. You can also choose ‘suggestions’ who the app thinks you may like or ‘filter’ where you can choose locations, ages, and orientation.

Notifications is a third button, but as of yet I have none. It seems to work in a similar way as Facebook, which is an exciting thought, a Facebook filled with only gays and not a straight person posting about their children or struggling relationship insight. I’m in to it.

Hashtags is the next button where like Twitter and Insta you can search things you like and find others who are also into it. Genderproud, coming out, kiss off HIV, and it gets better are all suggested categories. At the moment ‘lasagne’ is trending and I feel like i’ve found my people.

Home is the final button that if you can believe it takes you to your homepage, where there is both a newsfeed of either people you follow, or people to discover.

Up top is a search bar for users, a button to invite friends to the app, and a link to your own profile.

It’s sort of a cross between Facebook, Twitter and Tinder, you can post status’ and images and add an about section, but there is a follower/following count. No friending here! The profile options allows you to add in your marital status, education and such, pretty FaceyB but also ethnicity, body type and height, pretty Tinder.

What’s cute is a little bubble next to your profile pic that indicates what country you are from. At the opposite side in another bubble is a plus sign to easily follow others. I have yet to make much leeway in getting followers, following or posting but so far it seems like a nice little app to make more gay friends if your crowd is predominantly straight and to learn more about the experiences of other people in our community.

Our Verdict Is: We’re excited about what this social networking site has to offer. Give it a go, and maybe we’ll even bump into one another on my personal account!

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