Preparing Your Christmas Day Outfit

It’s almost time! Just two days left until Christmas day! Which means you’ll be spending the day visiting, and entertaining guests! You’re family and friends are bound to turn up in their dozens.

Gone are the days you spend on the living room floor in your pajamas, face awash with chocolate while your extended family edge their way through your toys. It’s all about dressing up for the occasion.

It’s time to dress up smart for the festivities, though you may want to swap into sweatpants later before you take on the turkey. Spending time with so many different people you don’t see often you should make a bit of effort.


River Island: £60, £95, £60

Time to break out your favourite winter jacket, no not a parker or bomber coat, a sleek sophisticated jacket that when you take it round your dirt poor cousins house you can say “Could you be careful hanging that, it’s mink.” Better to spend more on a staple style that you can rewear throughout the years.


Next: £24, Topman: £32, Foot Asylum: £51.99


No Christmas jumpers here! We’ll crack that one out for dinner time, while were doing the rounds we’re thinking something slimming and chic. Heck, at least something that will hide the pudge we gained after that entire election box we attacked this morning.


ASOS: £22, £25, £20

We’ll be visiting our grandparents and great-aunties and whoever else today so its best to dress up for the occasion. Old people love when their offspring look smart so suck it up and shove it on, you’ll only be there for thirty minutes anyway…not that we’re counting.


ri35 copy
Topman: £35, River Island: £35, M&S: £25

We’ve decided to class up our wardrobe a bit in 2016 and what better time to start than now. A time comes in your twenties when you’re ready to swap out a pair of sweatpants, or ripped jeans for a smart looking trouser.


Office: £64.99, Timberland: £160, Ralph Lauren: £94.99


Again, smart-casual is the look of the day so no trainers please. Unless you find a pair that really tip your outfit into looking like you walked straight out of Instagram. A cheap little shoe will do here, think stylish but not super smart.


ASOS: £15, £15, £18

We’re totally feeling our Sherlock fantasy today. A simple winter scarf will do, just make sure it’s not super thin, not itchy, not too chunk and not too long. Got it? Then its time to decide on your tying method. Wrap around twice? Tuck in? Half stroon over the shoulder? Left loose? Go off your jacket type and see what works best.


Tesco: £5, M&S: £28, John Lewis: £32

Simplicity is key, no need to match to your scarf or hat, we’re not toddlers. If you choose wool, pick a thin one, nobody wants hulk hands. Leather is the key choice here. Maybe mix it up and try a tobacco coloured leather instead of black. Crazy!


M&S: £10, Urban Outfitters: £9, Debenhams: £15

Okay we’re totally smart to the tee right now, but we wanna mark it down to smart-casual. The only option here is a bobble hat. I know you’re furrowing your brow right now asking really? With leather gloves and my peacoat, but yes! It’s fun and they’re totally stylish right now. It will make you approachable and cute to your family. Little do they know the real you.

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