Whoa! Marlon Mckenzie Naked!

If you’re an X Factor fan, you’ll probably remember this hopeful even if he didn’t last too long! Happy #HumpDay!

The singer tried out for the talent show a number of times, finally making it to judges houses in 2010. That same season happened to be the one which made stars out of One Direction.

While he was eliminated before the live shows it was clear he was the hottest amongst the competitors and now five years later as the boy band are disbanding, we finally get our silver lining. Mckenzie’s nudes leaked.

He also has two children which makes him an official DILF. His Instagram page is filled with an endless display of saucy pics and he often gives a little extra on his Snapchat story. Clearly he once went too far leading to his leak. Check it out below.


Kind of disappointing right? First off, all that text is totally obnoxious, I’m trying to see some dick here right! Secondly, his package looked way better in the boxers. An astounding whomp whomp, but lets feast our eyes on the best of his selfies.

That’s more like it! Check out his Insta HERE. Or his audition below.

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