Re-Viewed: The Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve! For our #ThrowbackThursday this week we’re making it extra festive! Well darkly festive, which is the best kind of Christmas.

The Nightmare Before Christmas¬†is among Tim Burton’s best work. He’s a well established director with a dark take on the world, which we love, and nothing is better deserving of that treatment than the most jolly time of year.


It tells a story of the king of Halloween who has grown tired of his title, pulling the same schtick every year in Halloween Town, a place that literally lives for that one day each year.


To his surprise he stumbles amongst a set of trees that hold doors leading to other festive holidays: Easter, Valentines Day, St Patricks Day, Thanksgiving, and fourth of July amongst his own. He embarks through to Christmas Town and is stupefied by the festivities.


With a well-intentioned plan to create his own Christmas and give Santa the day off he inadvertently ruins the holiday by scaring all the children and leading Father Christmas into the hands of evil Oogie Boogie.

Through its dark tone, and goulash cartoons the movie became an instant cult classic, remaining mandatory viewing each year. As well as the camp horror, it also tells a beautiful tale of the meaning and love of Christmas time.


As the cartoon lead Jack is a strong character to head the movie, multifaceted and unconventionally sweet as the patron spirit of Halloween. His ghost dog companion is an unusual but adorable choice as sidekick, as all cartoons must have.


Sally is our personal favourite, voiced by Catherine O’Hara she is a beautiful spirit, and a character you truly root for. Oogie Boogie is a great choice for villain, and truly quite a sight to behold, and the three cronies are terribly annoying but stellar young baddies.


The cult status is one of dedicated fans who adorn the costumes for halloween, buy a whole range of merchandise and even go as far to get tattoos of the characters!


The movie received widespread critical acclaim upon its release, as well as a hefty $75.1 million at the box office. It was nominated for best visual effects and the Academy Awards and best score at the Golden Globes. Still today it airs regularly over the Christmas period and has had a number of rereleases and remasters.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, what about catchy, but dark musical numbers throughout, and a romantic subplot between two that are so destined to be together. If there’s one Christmas movie you watch this year, make it this one!

Our Verdict Is: Possibly our all-time favourite Christmas movie, if you haven’t seen it first off WTF, and secondly stick it on! It’s even on Netflix! If you have seen it before, it truly stands the test of time so enjoy again this year!


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