Why You Should Be Watching How To Get Away With Murder

Those with even the slightest appreciation for television will know that Shonda Rhimes is a creative genius. With successes like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practise and who could forget Crossroads starring a young Britney Spears, HTGAWM is the latest in a long line of innovative successes.

A few more shows and she could start her own network, she basically owns Thursday nights on ABC with Shondaland, and there’s a reason for this triumph. She produces amazing TV.

The premise itself is one of incredible interest. Grey’s made us certified surgeons, Breaking Bad taught us how to create and distribute meth and 30 Rock left us certain we could head our own television show. In a similar way HTGAWM will make you want to head to law school as you’ll be certain your legal knowledge would even put Elle Woods to shame.


The writing is whip smart, and while the story is endlessly dramatic it still finds time to be humorous. A perfect mystery the series throws in a healthy amount of intelligently thought out twists and turns, with room for viewers to create their own theories.

A flashfoward element gives the viewers another overarching story to ponder over, and not only leaves each episode with a jaw drop but scatters WTF moments throughout.

We don’t want to tell you too much about the plot as the cliff hanger moments are some of the best parts, but after a relatively slow beginning, once you get into it. Shit gets cray. The series is just as good on rematches as you can more thoughtfully piece together the clues you may have missed the first time around.

If all this was not enough the cast, headed by two time Oscar-nominated Viola Davis, are phenomenal in their respective roles. On a completely superficial note, it includes one of the most beautiful ensembles ever with hunks Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee and Matt McGorry heating up the screen.


As with any Rhimes production, all the characters are diverse and flawed, which adds depth to even the most menial of onscreen personas. Viola Davis even won an Emmy for her portrayal of no-nonsense Annalise Keating, who is a truly extraordinary character beautifully executed.

This is all without getting to one of the best elements of the show: Connor Walsh. One of the central characters, and law student he is young, attractive and a certified homo. Though he seems ruthless and narcissistic on the surface, his character is rife with hilarious quips and shows a deeper side of his personality around partner Oliver Hampton.


With just 15 episodes the seasons aren’t nearly long enough! But they are short enough to keep the story concise, and not drag out every detail mercilessly for weeks on end. Plus, with the first season on Netflix it’s just enough to binge over a lazy weekend until the second half of it’s sophomore season returns on February 11.

Our Verdict Is:  Shonda Rhimes outdoes herself once again, just as good as her previous outings HTGAWM is sexy, smart and shocking. If you love a good mystery, and your gay characters front and centre this is perfect for you!

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