Kimoji App: Review

It seems like just yesterday that Kim Kardashian was known for following around Paris Hilton and making appearances at D-list events.

Now the socialite is a full fledged pop culture icon with several intuitive products, and Kimoji is the latest effort for her to reign over all of social media.

The £1.49 app is currently sitting at the top of the paid iPhone app store in both the UK and US.

The app includes a new keyboard that allows users to choose a range of new emojis including various incarnations of Kim herself (including her amazing crying face) to middle fingers, seflies, Yeezys and Kylie’s infamous pout.


Over 250 new emojis are available to be used, with more to be released, though it is unknown at this point wether they will be additional content or in-app purchases.

Due to some of the racier options including her infamous butt, and pole dancing the app is restricted to users aged 17 and up due to “Frequent/Intense Sexual Content or Nudity.”

The Kimoji’s can be sent and seen by those who do not own the app themselves and is compatible with Facebook, Whatsapp and iMessage, though it is only compatible with iOS 8 and above.


While the app has been successful on the charts, reviews are lacklustre at the moment with just 2 stars. With many complaining at the size of the images themselves, the need to allow full access to personal details and a whole host of bugs that make the keyboard difficult to use.

The app is only available through Apple at the moment, but a date for Android release is expected to come soon though there is no official details yet.

Our Verdict Is: Fun and totally Kim, we’ll be waiting for some of the bugs to be fixed before we download this amazingly hilarious keyboard. *hair flip Kim emoji*


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