FINALLY Dan Osborne’s Nudes Leak

Dan Osborne has been our MCM every monday since he first appeared on TOWIE, never one to keep his clothes on but now we finally get the whole package.

We can barely believe he only appeared first in season eight! It seems like a lifetime we’ve spent fantasising about him, and apparently he left three season ago but who really watches that show anymore anyway?


Since breaking on to the scene he embraced his legion of horny fans and in turn was rarely seen out of his underwear. He wore tiny speedos when competing on Splash!, released sexy annual calendars, posted constant scantily clad selfies, magazines were filled with steamy photoshoots, and he even went on tour stripping with The Dreamboys!


Osborne has also embraced his gay fans, sharing a kiss with friend Bobby Norris on an episode of TOWIE, he has a lovely bromance with bestie James Lock and declaring he was totally unaware of Tom Daley checking out his package, yeah right.


On his gay fan base he said: “Mostly they just want to lift my top up! To be honest, I never really get gay guys coming on to me,” which we find a little hard to believe, considering Osborne admits he’s a regular patron at gay bars. The bars are a lot of fun, everyone’s always having such a laugh which is always good to see. When you go to straight bars there’s always someone that thinks they’re tough, starting fights, and you don’t really get that in gay bars. Everyone’s so much happier!”

As you can see, the images are compliments of CelebrityBusted. Check out some of his hottest moments below. He even gets in on the Marky Mark/ Nick Jonas crotch grab.

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