Your 2015/2016 New Years Eve Style Guide

It’s that time of year again! The biggest worldwide party is on the way, so we’re giving you the low down to make sure you’re dressed right for the momentous occasion.

Whether you’re going to a house party, hitting the town or just going for a nice meal, here’s our top tips for what to wear.

Try Interesting Colours

We usually abide by the all black everything rule, but for this event it’s time to introduce some refined colours to your pallet. Steel blue, rose quartz, cinereous, slate grey. Subtle but strong colours add an atypical pop to any outfit.


Perfect The Fit

This isn’t exclusive to NYE, but this is a suave night to display the new you. Coming off the back of Christmas super skinny fit may not be the best option but a something tailored and well-fitting is a must! Don’t forget you’re going to be super wasted later so a looser trouser for dancing may be preferable.


Mix Up The Accessories

First up: a watch. This is the must have accessory for the night, you don’t want to miss the countdown, God knows we’ve all done that before…right? Just don’t forget to ditch it somewhere safe once the Auld Lang Syne cheering ends, we don’t want to keep track of time after that. Try something new with it, collar jewellery, a funky ring, a cool hat. Tonights the night to try new things.


Dress Down Your Smart, And Up Your Casual

You don’t want to dress too smart tonight, at a certain point you’re just going to want to rip your tie off and dispose it in the closest bin. To combat this if you’re thinking of wearing a blazer, go for a softer, more comfortable style then a smoking jacket. If you’re wearing trousers pair it with an easy pair of all white trainers. Don’t forget to dress for 2am tonight because nobody wants to be tweaking in dress shoes.


Experiment With Patterns

While we usually love the classic stylings, sometimes its nice to mix it up. Try some bold patterns in a muted colour scheme. Polka dots, tartan, stripes. They can all work if dressed up correctly. Try layering a plain jumper over a funky shirt. Patterns don’t always have to be bold and brash!


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