Re-Viewed: New Year’s Eve

With New Years Eve falling on a Thursday this year it seems a no brainer to make New Years Eve our #ThrowbackThursday movie of the week.

Following large ensemble movies revolving around a specific holiday, namely Love Actually and Valentines Day, New Years Eve aims for the same formula, cashing in on a notoriously successful brand of super-rom-com.

Almost playing as a New York City advert, the flick flashes across the entire scope of the city, showcasing the dazzling sights and extraordinary festivities. The storyline follows several relationship story lines, ranging from a young girls heartbreak, to a mother daughter bond, and a dying mans last NYE. This is without mentioning the dozens of romantic partnerships happening.


The cast is star-studded featuring performances by Zac Efron, Michelle Pfieffer, Lea Michele, Robert DeNiro, Ashton Kutcher and bizarrely Jon Bon Jovi, among so many more.

With the sheer volume of performers, the actors never transcend to being believable characters, instead they are glaringly obvious as A-list celebrities in the roles. Averaging under ten minutes on screen throughout their scenes it is difficult to appreciate any form of character definition or development. Instead we find ourselves saying “hey, thats Jessica Biel, she’s so annoying in this.”


The film opened at the No. 1 spot at the box office earning an astonishing $142,044,638 worldwide. Despite this, the reviews were relatively poor, and for good reason. While they attempted to introduce heart-warming and charming moments, overall the writing was dull and uninspiring with even these great actors failing to bring any depth to the material.

The large names, beautiful city and fuzzy story all seemed to cash in on the holiday to earn a quick buck rather than create a dynamic movie that could have potentially been a Love Actually successor.


Full of tediously linking characters together, cliches, sappy writing and an abundance of tropes, the comedy doesn’t quite land, nor does the romance, leaving the film quite hollow. I can’t speak so much as to the resolution of the film as I checked out about 40 minutes in, glancing over only periodically. My straight brother stayed up late to finish it so perhaps thats something?

One of the small benefits come in a whole host of hunky guys on screen. As previously mentioned Zac Efron shares scenes with our fave Pfeiffer, Josh Duhmal is love interest to iconic Sarah Jessica Parker and Ludacris is just beautiful.


Our Verdict Is: Don’t bother watching this one. Just get drunk and part instead. Or of course watch Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on CNN, they beat Seacrest hands down each year.

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