December Favourites

It’s not only the end of the month today, but the end of a year! 2015 provided us with some great movement in culture, and many memorable moments. Here we display our favourite things of December.

We have omitted anything Christmassy, music, movies, tv specials etc. as we have already provided lists of our Christmas faves throughout the whole month. This is what we’ve been loving this month.



December 18th was a great day for cinema this month, yes a little film called Star Wars was released, but whatever. Sisters is the movie we were queueing up for. Starring our besties in our mind: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the movie is the amalgamation of the two hilarious ladies. Clearly it was a laugh a minute, but beneath the entertaining hi jinx was an actual human story. We will support anything these two put their names to, but this was truly amazing.

She and Him


While scouring the web for Christmas music, we stumbled upon Zooey Deschenals back catalogue with her indie music partner. Needless to say we were obsessed. Her soft voice, and quirky personality creates easy listening music, and her covers are phenomenal, creating a new take on classics. We suggest you give her albums a listen, as well as her music videos. They’re so campy and cute.

The Girl on the Train


This may have been released at the start of the year but we’ve been busy, okay. The psychological thriller topped the New York Bestsellers list, and has a high profile movie set to release in 2016. I won’t give you much of the plot due to spoilers, but let me just say it has been deemed the Gone Girl of 2015. Keep yourself in the loop and read this amazing novel!

Making A Murderer


Released on Netflix December 18, we love something dark during the sickly-sweet Christmas festivities. Following the life and trial of Steven Avery for over 10 years, the documentary focuses in on every aspect of his life and tumultuous convictions. The doc showcases all the evidence, opinions and secrets surrounding the case for you to gain an incredible insight into the workings of the law.



These little gadgets have been up-and-coming through 2015, and with all those resolutions to get healthy, lose weight or all around get fitter, now is the time to make a purchase. Yes they may be quite pricey for what they are, but if you’re serious about your fitness they are the perfect purchase. They are exclusive to monitoring your exercise more so than these flashy smartwatches monitoring your progress and stats as well as encouraging you to push yourself further.

Love, Sax And Flashbacks


Fleur East has been making serious waves with her hit single Sax and the rest of her album is just as good. With a disappointing line-up this year, and last years winner Ben Haenow barely making an impact, she is still our reigning champ. The boppy album also includes her wildly successful Uptown Funk cover from The X Factor and a cover of Alicia Keys’ Girl On Fire.



This mens beauty products are the classier alternative to Lynx. They smell absolutely amazing, and leave your skin soft and glowing, yet a still quite masculine. The products range from deodorants, to moisturisers, shower wash, face wash and shaving balms. They also offer robes and grooming sets, yet we haven’t tried those yet. The best part is how affordable they are! They even come 3 for 2 at Boots.

Mason Jars


We love something a little cool and different, the mason jar is our choice for this month. In a range of styles they look visually beautiful compared to regular glasses, they keep your drink fresher with a closed lid and a simple to drink from with the thick plastic straw. The reason were loving this is that it allows us to drink more water for the new year, and our health kick. (also they’re difficult to spill or smash when you’re drinking something stronger than water.)



It’s winter so clearly, we’re constantly bundled up in our layers, but one element we are loving is the poncho. We know, Ugly Betty killed this piece that is usually meant for ladies, but fashion has no gender. More and more ponchos have been cropping up for men in the stores, and though many may turn their nose up at it it’s sure to be the next big thing. Just think back to skinny jeans, and longline shirts. They look cool and are totally different! Hop on board!



Yes, this may be a strange one. Enjoying our many buffets over the holiday season we’ve noticed how many foods we do not usually sample. Preparing for dinner we don’t have starters unless we’re eating out, but all this extra food we’re missing out on has us thinking we may start having appetisers before our meal. Bruschetta, sliders, tempuras. We’re going to treat ourself a little more this year.


Let us know what you think of our favourites. What are you loving this month?


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