Mad Max: Fury Road: Review

Big blockbuster movies do not usually tend to make the shortlist for esteemed Hollywood awards, but Mad Max has been a gem of the year praised by audiences and critics alike.

Tom Hardy dons the iconic role after Mel Gibson blacklisted himself from Hollywood, and though many were skeptical he delivered in spades.

Following a nuclear holocaust the world has become a desert wasteland and humanity has collapsed.  Escaped prisoner Max reluctantly agrees to aid a band of women, lead by Furiosa to find their homeland in a deal to survive.

The movie opened to $375.8 million at the box office worldwide, alongside a rating of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Some critics has lauded it “one of the best action movies of all time.” Though it is a great movie, we can’t help but feel the inundation of praise has caused the film to feel a little overrated.

The plot is a little lacklustre, but aren’t most action movies? They’re on a journey through the desert, the movie forms in what happens along the way. There are heroes, antiheroes, villains, anti-villains, and everything in-between that makes for interesting turns of events.

The characters surely make up for any shortcomings elsewhere. A band of femme fatales makes for an interesting power dynamic seldom seen in mainstream action flicks. Furiosa played incredibly by Charlize Theron is the standout of the film, strong, smart and deadly. Hardy is enigmatic as always, firmly placing himself in the league of great male leads. Nicholas Hoult’s portrayal of villainous — was captivating, and head baddie — was devilishly poisonous.

From the very start the engines were already revving, and the feeling of vengeance and redemption almost tangible, before the audience had a chance to catch their breathe the brutality and grittiness filled the screen and what followed was a high-octane drama that not for one moment showed any signs of slowing down until the end credits.

Amid the insane action sequences were true emotional streaks that kept Max and Furiosa’s humanity alive, urging the viewers to root for their survival. Deaths such as (spoiler alert!) Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s were truly shocking and gut-wrenching, raising the stakes throughout.

Though it has drew a great amount of praise others were left unsatisfied with the lack of plot, feeling that there was little development throughout and the tonal differences than the previous movies.

Our Verdict: Could this movie win best drama? Perhaps not. While everyone loves it, and it is clearly the best action movie of the year, actions seldom win best drama nods. Though they may choose to break that rule this year due to the incredulous praise.

Could George Miller win best director? Absolutely! This is by far the front-runner for that award. The cinematography is breathe-taking, the visuals to die for and the action scenes were phenomenal.

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