Taylor Swift Releases ‘Out Of The Woods’ Music Video

Taylor Swift has well and truly kicked off the pop scene for 2016 after releasing her grandiose video for Out Of The Woods.

After unquestionably dominating 2015 with the success of her 1989 album, tour and unwavering public image, she is set to continue this year with her work.

This is the latest single released from 1989 that was astonishingly released in 2014! Can you believe this is the third year of that one album?

Her tour ended last December so this release is most likely to tide her fans over until the Grammys where she is nominated for a whopping seven awards, including best album.

The video sees Swift in several beautiful locations in an almost fairytale tone as she is chased by wolves through spooky woods, braves the cold ontop of snowy mountains, and plummeting into deep waters.

Swift co-wrote the track with Grammy winner Jack Anontoff and it is believed to be about her on/off relationship with ex-boyfriend Harry Styles, whom she dated through 2012-2013.

Check out the stunning video below!

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