Madonna Shades Gaga In Throwback Snap

We thought this long played out feud had ended, but it seems we were wrong!

As many of you know the two pop singers have had a tumultuous relationship as the two largest contenders for the ‘Queen of Pop’ title but it seems this feud may have some more drama left.

This morning (Jan 3) Madonna decided to share a throwback picture of herself alongside a recent picture of her daughter Lourdes to showcase their resemblance.


The only kicker was she decided to choose a picture of her daughter alongside Gaga, cropping out the Born This Way singer to make room for her youthful self.


Taking to her social media she posted the snap alongside a message ‘DoubleTrouble,¬†Coming at you 2016’.

What we’re wondering most is what does Lourdes have planned for 2016? Could she be making her mark on pop culture? Or is the mother/daughter picture due to the family drama going down with Rocco?

Either way, we’ve got our eye on all three of these stunning ladies.

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