Celebrity Big Brother: Official Line Up + Our Thoughts

It’s that time of year again, well we actually get THREE seasons of Big Brother each year now, but alas Celebrity Big Brother is back!

Set to premiere tomorrow night (Tuesday, 5 January at 9pm) the line-up of celebs set to enter the house has been leaked, confirming the names of the shopping 16 housemates!

We’ve decided to give you the lowdown on all of the guests, and we have even put them in a rough order of our expected faves to least. This time around we have a whopping EIGHT names that have come from reality tv, three soap stars, and a whole bunch of ‘who are they?’ stars.

John Partridge


First up on our list is openly-gay Coronation Street actor John Partridge! He may not have been the biggest name the show could muster up but we are certain h’ll be a non-stop laugh riot. Everybody loves Christian so we’re sure if he plays his cards right he could end up in the top 3! Rylan better watch his back because the Partridge has landed.

Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! New York is back! It’s been years since this reality star has been on our screens, and we’ve been patiently waiting. After making her mark on Flavor of Love, she was brought back for a second shot at love with Flav until leading her own search for love in two seasons of I Love New York. She then headed two more reality shows New York Goes To Work and New York Goes To Hollywood as well as landing bit-parts in Nip/Tuck and First Sunday. She named herself HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge) and she acts like it, she is sure to create a few memorable moments this year.

Scotty T


Bookies already have Scotty T as their favourite to win, and for good reason. The Geordie Shore cast have done phenomenally well when turning to competition shows. Charlotte won CBB last year, and Vicky just walked away with the crown from I’m A Celebrity… While we can’t say we’ve kept up to date with his show Scott seems to be a simple guy who loves girls and himself. His easy going nature is sure to be popular with viewers, his looks won’t hurt with.

Daniella Westbrook


She has been predicted to enter the house every season in the past few years, and it looks like this time around dreams may come true. Lord knows Daniella hasn’t had an easy time of late, her drug-filled fall from grace has left her on Jezza’s couch in between her shifts in a pie and mash shop. Hopefully this will be a helping hand to get her on track. We’re dying to hear her dramas but please hold the sentimental tears.

Gemma Collins


The GC has us 50/50. When she’s on she is totally hilarious, laugh out loud entertainment. We all remember her 15 minutes in the jungle, right? But she also has a nasty, bitter side to her that we can do without. We’ve decided that no matter how sorry we felt for her in the “Mick’s brought me champagne” debacle, her actions since have put us off. We’re laughing more at her than with her.

Stephanie Davis


Fired from Hollyoaks due to multiple drunk appearance, her exit from the soap hit all the headlines. After being sacked off from the jungle she has turned to the CBB house, and we’re grateful. Not only do we want to hear about all the grimy events leading up to her sacking, but we want inside gossip on the most beautiful cast in England please. We’re sure she’ll be fun loving and up for anything.

David Gest


Sweet, sweet David Gest. He was a strange old man, but his stint in the jungle made us fall in love with him. He drops celeb names frequently, dazzling his co-stars with stories of his glitzy life and the best part… LIZA. Anybody who has that much dirt on Ms. Minelli is a friend of ours. He’ll be totally out of touch with reality, but with his soft nature, who cares?

Angie Bowie


A second famous ex, Angie was married to David Bowie so is locked and loaded with a lifetime of stories on one of our times most enigmatic stars. She is a journalist specialising in gender issues and has written a pocketbook titled Bisexuality. We’re down with her progressive attitude and new-age beliefs.

Kristina Rihanoff


As someone who is team X-Factor over Strictly, I’m not sure what separates Russian dancer Kristina over her fellow dancers but I’m dying to see. The reason i’ve placed her so high is my antici…pation. I find foreign peoples sense of humour to be different and hilarious. (is that racist?) Also, her partner Ben Cohen is a gay sports icon after forming The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation that targets homophobia and bullying.

Nancy Dell’Olio


Who is Nancy Dell’Olio? We may have had to google a few other celebs on this list to find out what they are famous for but she is then one we are still confused about. She dated England manager  Sven-Göran Eriksson for  many years, but other than that. Nada. From her looks and her love of leather, lace and latex, we’re sure she’ll be a charming piece of crazy in the house.

Jeremy McConnell


Former Mr. Ireland and yet another reality star, this chap got his start on Beauty School Cop Outs. He’s for sure our second-best hottie in the house with those tats, and his accent but the tango tan and bad brows have got to go! We’re sure he’ll be harmless with just a little bit of douchy-ness. Sure to get along with Scotty T, his former castmate was Gogglebox’s Scarlet, so thats a plus.

Darren Day


This is Darren’s second outing in the competition circuit after being yet another housemate to first opt for the jungle! He is supposedly an actor, singer and West End star but his CV isn’t looking so great. Apparently he is gearing up to be quite the villain on the show, but we’re just not that interested.

Megan McKenna


Ex On The Beach is the latest series to pump out reality TV stars into our culture, and Megan is ready to make her minutes count. We can’t tell if she was on the season we watched, all the girls look like Lauren Goodyear clones with minimal personality. The token busty girl of the series we’re sure she’ll be either tipsy, flirty and exposed at all times. Perhaps we’ll get all at once if Scott or Jeremy show some interest.

Jonathan Cheban


We. Can’t. Stand. Jonathan. Cheban. He’s the gnat bugging the screens of KUWTK. He is Kim’s “best friend” aka full-time yes man. He has to have some grade-A dirt on her, why is she always with him? They just don’t match! He’s kind of dull, we can see him sitting in the back observing the fun, only gaining airtime by revealing exclusive (and approved by Kim) Kardash gossip.

Christopher Maloney


He’s a sweet guy and every nans fave. There’s nothing wrong with Mr. Maloney but he’s so god damn boring. His appearance on the show was probably written into Daniella Westbrook’s contract (he did take her to Egypt) We’re excited to see his new face, and surgery woes but that about it. Expect to see him up at 6am with a cup of tea, and then moaning about the young party animals. He is gay though, so we’ll be sort of supporting him.

Winston McKenzie


UKIP member. Gross. What is surprising about him is that he was the black face of a racially discriminative party. He previously stood for Labour, Lib Dem, Conservatives and now in with the England Democrats. His views are far-right and he is against gay parents so screw him.

What do you think of this years line-up? Will you be watching?

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