Joy: Review

The Globes are shaping up to be an event to watch including several female-led movies in it’s nomination roster. Joy is a strong contender to take home at least one award.

The semi-autobiographical tale follows how Joy Mangano overcame her personal and professional obstacles to become a self-made millionaire with a string of innovative inventions.

A single mother with two children, living with her ex-boyfriend and both parents, she found it difficult to juggle her responsibility running the home and following her own ambitions.

What followed is a story about hard-work and dedication, believing in you own power, and chasing your dreams.

Hollywood’s golden girl Jennifer Lawrence took on the starring role as the inventor, bringing back her New Jersey accent from American Hustle, performing the role incredibly bringing a personable innocence to the role as always.

With a supporting cast consisting of Robert DeNiro, Édgar Ramírez, and OITNB alum Dascha Polanco, the talent is unwaverable. Bradley Cooper joins Lawrence yet again and their on-screen chemistry is as electric as ever. (why mess with a winning formula, right?)

Directed well, written superbly and acted phenomenally the end result is yet another success from director David O. Russell, and his cast of regulars.

This movie isn’t the typical snoozefest of an Oscar-nom, it’s a genuinely enjoyable, heartwarming and heartbreaking flick.

Opening on Christmas day, grossing only $51.8 million, against its budget of $60 million, making it a box office flop. The critics were unsure what to make of the movie, as the reviews came in mixed.

Our Verdict: Could this movie win best musical or comedy?

Despite the mixed reviews and lower ratings than it’s competition, this movie could absolutely walk home with the Globe. Definitely our pick.

Could Jennifer Lawrence win best actress?

It’s becoming a right of passage that Jennifer receives nominations at award shows yearly, her performances always put her in the top percentage of actresses in the running. This year her main competition comes in the form of legendary mavins Lily Tomlin and Maggie Smith.


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