Spy: Review

Released earlier in the year, it was quite a surprise to see Spy nominated for a Golden Globe but in the category ‘best musical or comedy’ it was quite apt being the funniest of all five nominated by a hefty margin.

A high-action spy-comedy movie more in the vein of Austin Powers than James Bond, Melissa McCarthy turns the genre on its head with her outlandishly hilarious but also entirely capable performance. She proves you do not need to be endlessly sexy and suave, or even male for that matter to make a magnetic action hero.

The plot is a generic romper. Double agents, disguises, a beautiful foreign heiress, enviable technology and fast cars. What the movie does best is strike a perfect balance between action and comedy, never veering off on one side for too long.

Though the story may not be anything new or innovative it does have a few good turns, and an impressively laugh-out-loud script. Though we imagine most to be improvised. The action scenes are perfectly crafted and the cast take the movie to the next calibre, all striking the balance perfectly between action and comedy stars.

Melissa McCarthy performed spectacularly as always, she was note perfect as both a shrinking violet and later believable badass. While it showcased the best of her abilities, her co-stars each had their moments to shine throughout. It was a pleasure to see Miranda Hart in her first big movie role as McCarthy’s neurotic co-worker. Jason Stathem fit perfectly in his action element but his comedy skills were a welcomed surprise. Rose Byrne was killer in her role as the stuck up Rayna Boyanov, truly exuding the toxic air of a heartless villain.

The film was a box office hit earning $235.7 million worldwide and opening to exceedingly positive reviews. McCarthy’s turn as a fully fledged action star in her own movie has seen her take an impressive step forward for women in film proving that female-led action movies are bankable. She has a habit of this after the enormity of all-female casted Bridesmaids, her role alongside Sandra Bullock in The Heat and her upcoming stint in the female version of classic Ghostbusters. We are loving seeing her break down these walls in Hollywood, and will continue supporting her efforts.

Our Verdict: Could this movie win best comedy/musical at the Golden Globes? While this movie was technically the best comedy of the bunch, it is extremely unlikely the picture will actually take the prize. While it was an enjoyable movie to view, from a critical standpoint the story was not as strong as some of it’s rivals. The Globes do not usually side with the opinions of the public.

Could Melissa McCarthy win best actress at the Golden Globes? Once again, it sadly does not seem likely. While she is breaking glass ceilings and providing exceptional performances, her roles all seem to be one in the same. She wouldn’t cause shock horror by winning, but her chances are relatively slim.

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