The Revenant: Review

Award season is upon us, which means one thing! Leo is trying HARD for that damn Oscar! The Revenant has seen the actor go to extreme lengths for recognition.

The film tells the true story of Hugh Glass played by Leonardo DiCaprio, a hunter mauled by a grizzly bear on an expedition and his following survival.

Severely injured by the attack he is restricted in movement and speech, leading to difficulties travelling with his pack. Slowing down the group John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) plans to kill Glass, and in the process kills Glass’s son and leaves the ailing hunter to die.

Not going out without a fight Glass makes a lengthy journey through the desolate landscape, using dead animals as shelter and avoiding the hunters enemies, the Indians, who he has a few close shaves with. The journey is long and arduous, creating much of the movies best scenes.

The plot culminates in a face off between Fitzgerald and Glass that sees our hero plot an ingenious trap for his enemy that ends with him being shot, flowing downstream to the Indian camp.

While the movie had some great moments, it was not exactly my cup of tea and for that the enthusiasm in the review may not be great, but believe me when I say the film is still great viewing and truly spectacular.

Gritty and harsh, the scenes are captured beautifully, yet raw by director Alejandro G. Iñárritu, while the subtle yet powerful acting displayed by DiCaprio, Hardy and Will Poulter is absolutely phenomenal.

If it doesn’t sound like the kind of movie you would rush out to see, those three actors are reason enough! A completely beautiful and compelling cast.

The film opened to a limited release allowing it to be in the running for the award season, which we find to be cheating, but we digress. The reviews were very positive, mostly noting Leo’s performance and Iñárritu’s direction.

Our Verdict: Could this film win best drama at the globes? While this film definitely seems like the kind of character-driven, schlog of a movie that wins countless awards, we genuinely believe there are better contenders on the list.

Could Leo win best actor? Poor Leo, always overlooked. This year he’s in with a real shot, the sheer dedication to the role alone is admirable but he has some stiff competition in Bryan Cranston, Michael Fassbender, and Eddie Redmayne!

Could Alejandro González Iñárritu win best director? This one is tough! While Iñárritu did an outstanding job, the category is so diverse! There are absolutely brilliantly directed films, but all are incredibly different. It depends what they’re looking for this year. We say maybe not.

Could Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto win best original score? This may sound bad but who really cares about this category? Unless the score is crazily good (or bad for that case) it’s not something I recognise. Ergo anybody is up for this one in my eyes.

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