Re-Viewed: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Spunky, ditzy and dark teen movies often make their way into gay cult fandom, and while Drop Dead Gorgeous has each of those specifications in spades, the fun little movie is severely underrated.

Shot in the style of a documentary, the movie follows contestants in a small town beauty patent in Minnesota where the girls in the running begin dying one by one in suspicious ways.


The black-comedy quickly turns into a murder mystery of sorts, questioning which of the young girls fighting for the title of Sarah Rose Cosmetics Mount Rose American Teen Princess Pageant is doing the killings, will die next or more importantly, who will get the crown!


The cast is spectacular showcasing wonderful performances by Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards, Brittany Murphy, Allison Janney, Kirstie Alley and the debut of Amy Adams. Each performance, right down to the minor characters are memorable and humorous, in a charming way.


The film expertly displays a satirical look of the materialistic nature of our society and the intense struggle for superficial desires. Contrasted with the gritty realism of death and illnesses such as anorexia, the film flippantly makes light of major difficulties to create its unique tone.


A multitude of jokes come thick and fast, alternating between dense, deadpan moments and large theatrical hilarities that require multiple viewings to truly appreciate. Though it may be an acquired style of comedy, if it’s something you’re into than you’ll be immersed directly into your element.


It’s unbelievable to think this movie is over 15 years old! The jokes, and observations still stand up all of these years later. The poignant criticisms of the US and its culture have not wavered in the time since, and its fun-loving nature never gets old.


A small opening at the box office, the film managed to gain back its production costs, but failed to make a profit. Though elements of the flick were praised, performances and the modern look at beauty patents, overall the reviews were rather dull.


Our Verdict: If you love a mixture of dry wit and camp theatricality add this to your regular rotation of Jawbreaker, Clueless, and Heathers.

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