Top 10: Bops Of The Week

It’s still the beginning of January and we’ve already had so many great bops this week with more to look forward to in the upcoming months. (Rihanna where are you?)

This week we’ve seen new artists, surprise tracks, legends and our faves bless us with new music, so here are some of our top tracks.

1. Reaper – Sia

Sia killed it with her last album, and her upcoming record looks to be just as spectacular. Written and produced by Kanye West the track is just as catchy and dark as her previous outings. Who doesn’t love a song about the Grim Reaper?

2. Real Friends – Kanye West

Speaking of Kanye, he just dropped a new track today and it’s a total bop. Moody and honest it is undoubtedly Kanye West. Apparently he will be putting out a new track each Friday so expect him to be a recurring name on this list.

3. Blue Wonderful – Elton John

From rap to Elton John, the legend has released his album recently and his latest single this week. It’s inspirational and dramatic, and a totally camp song. Sounding like something your grandfather would belt out on karaoke its nice but lacks a little oomph.

4. Freedom – Pitbull

I know Pitbull is endlessly irritating, single handedly ruining JLO’s career with his endless features but when we get a little tipsy he does make us move. His latest track, and a rare solo outing, is fun, catchy and simple. Just have a good time.

5. Love Somebody – St Lucia

For something a little more laid back, St Lucia is one of out favourite new artists. Their music is chilled and easy listening, and Love Somebody is just that. Gradually swelling to a big chanting chorus, we’re loving it.

6. Wait a Minute! – Willow Smith

If you haven’t listened to Willow Smith’s latest album, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s miles away from her first pop tracks, and totally grown up for a 15 year old! Totally alternative and experimental, it’s cool and interesting.

7. Try Everything – Shakira

Ugh, I love Shakira! She is absolutely stunning, hilarious, a killer dancer and her music is always fun and catchy! Why is she not getting the attention she deserves? Taken from movie Zootopia the track is a little childish but we still love to bop along.

8. Dollar Days – David Bowie

Bowie is back! After once being one of the most interesting and unique artists on the planet his later work has struggled to hit big. His latest seven-track album is a great addition to his collection, but less than likely to blow up the music scene.

9. Save My Soul – Jojo

Come through Jojo! After being blocked from releasing music for years Jojo is back swinging. Her earlier stuff was fun and boppy, while her new material is fierce and ferocious. She is here for blood and we’re living for it.

10. Keep Up – KSI

Apparently YouTuber KSI is now a recording artist? YouTubers really are taking over the world! While it isn’t amazing, we love KSI and his debut into music is a decent effort. We’re sure his fanboys will be blasting this grime/hip-hop track.

Listen in Spotify.

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