Carol: Review

Based upon the controversial The Price of Salt novel, Carol spent 11 years in development but the result was well worth the wait!

Set in 1952 the story tells that of a young woman, Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara) who meets a glamorous older lady, Carol Aird (Cate Blanchett) while working temporarily as a store clerk.

Following some back and forth the two become embroiled in a tumultuous affair, that finds problems in both the decade set, and the ex-husband and children of Aird.

The film is not a big blockbuster, but that is in its beauty. Each lingering stare, expression of body language and careful strategised shot speaks volumes where the script does not. The pace is gentle, but does not drag as we truly immerse ourselves into the inner workings of the pair.

Every aspect of the movie was thoughtfully, beautifully and perfectly crafted from acting to directing to cinematography to score. Though it may not be the fun flick to breeze through it is a truly astounding and important film to view.

Blanchett and Mara provide some of their greatest performances, committing without question to the part and enveloping their entire selves into the characters. The buzz surrounding their performances is not just hype, they deserve every amount of positive feedback.

Kyle Chandler has not received quite as much attention but he performed exceedingly as the scorned ex, without making the role entirely villainous. Sarah Paulson also kept the level of acting high, as always, proving herself to be a reliable talent.

The powerful film is so transendable, many have not noted that it is indeed an LGBT movie, detailing the relationship of two lesbians, displaying the ability to resonate with any viewer without being too specific into being either this, or that. It will be a timeless piece, able to be enjoyed years to come.

The movie opened to a limited release, expected to make $50,000 per theatre. After exceeding expectations, the release was widened and continued to make a healthy profit and becoming Haynes’ best opening for a movie. Critics were astounded by the film and it received worldwide acclaim, as well as netting dozens of industry awards.

Our Verdict: Could this win best drama picture? The movie has a real shot, times are changing when it comes to the conservativeness of the media. However, a movie like Spotlight that seems made for award season could tip the favour.

Could Cate Blanchett win best actress? Blanchett won last year so we feel as though they may share the love and give the award to another lady this time around. Our money’s on Brie Larson, though it would come as no surprise to see her snag the award once more.

Could Rooney Mara win best actress? As stated above, we feel as though Brie Larson could snag this one, and if one of these ladies were to win it may be Blanchett over Mara unfortunately.

Could Todd Haynes win best director? Haynes has shown himself to be an astounding director, and while the movie is perfectly crafted, a more flashier film like Mad Max or The Revenant could grab this one. We would not be disappointed in Haynes taking the trophy however.

Could Carter Burwell win best score? I have mentioned before that I do not notice scores while watching movies. Sorry! This film is bound to win at least one award so if none of the above manage to grab one, this is our last hope!


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