Brian Belo Leaks His Own Nudes

Todays feature of #HumpDay is a bit of a strange one, while we doubt you’re craving Brian Belo’s bellend, we have it so we’ll share it with you anyway.

The Londoner came to prominence after winning Big Brother 8 despite entering late. The UK were captivated with his innocence, and boy-like charm.

A self-confessed Big Brother addict he taped every episode, including live-feeds and after winning stayed within the post-BB alum world until he entered once more eight years later appearing in Big Brother 16. 

Though he may have a dumb persona, he is actually quite the genius who invented the TOWIE formula originally titled Totally Essex. It’s quite a travesty that he didn’t win his lawsuit as much of the same cast and style of the show continued on by ITV dropping him in the process.

Anyway, if you were wondering what his penis looks like hold on because here it is!



While he’s not ugly, he’s just not a person we can really see in a sexual manner, but he totally gets props for drunkenly tweeting his own picture. We’re totally sure its a mistake, heck what kind of self-absorbed person would tweet their own dick. Or enter a show where they’re filmed 24/7. Or propose a fly-on-the-wall documentary about…themselves. Hmmmm…

In case that just is not enough Belo for you, then here enjoy this one. On us.


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