Ellen DeGeneres Is Coming To UK Television

By now we all know the feel good show that is The Ellen Degeneres Show, and now we’ll be able to watch it every day!

It was just last October that the comedienne and talk show host discovered that although her show features in a multitude of countries, the United Kingdom was not one of them.

Immediately she began a campaign to find a home for her hour-long daytime show with the hashtag #GetElleyOnTheTelly. Clearly making use of the English slang for T.V.

Before long fans were trending the hashtag, each voicing their support to the multi-award winning show, and host. Many British fans who streamed segments on YouTube wrote in to voice their desires. Even James Corden got in on the action.

Now just a few months later it looks like we’ll be starting 2016 with our favourite funny lady, and her positive show, this will make her the only out lesbian to have a talk show on air in the UK at the moment, and with a beautiful soul like hers she is sure to provide a good role-model to younger LGBT members.

So be sure to tune into ITV2 every weekday at 1.45pm beginning January 18. We’re sure to be getting a lot more of her too as she is renewed until 2020!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 23.58.33.png

ITV’s Director of Digital Channels and Acquisitions​ ​Angela Jain added: “We’re over the moon Ellen DeGeneres is joining ITV2.

“Her daily mix of Hollywood guests, topical comedy and great conversation is a welcome addition to the channel”.

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