In The Glass Closet: Shawn Mendes

By now you will have all heard Shawn Mendes’ hit song Stitches on the radio, the track has become one of our favourite hits, and the young singer one of our new crushes.

The 17-year-old Canadian even took the stage a few weeks ago when he won a Peoples Choice Award for Favourite Breakthroughout Artist, this was the first time we experienced the star in person and we had one thought: He’s gay!

While it is completely wrong to speculate on a teenagers sexuality, we can’t help but question, isn’t it totally obvious?

Unlike previous glass closet members, there are no murmurs of him hanging out around the gay scene, his image is so protected by management as a teeny bopper were sure there’s no unceremonious activity, and as a young boy there are no scorned exes to out him, all we have to rely on is…him.

The ‘gay voice’ while an awful stigma, is still quite the identifier and Mendes’ speaking voice is just that, there is no escaping it.

During a joint interview with Camila Cabello on the Late Late Show with James Cordon, the talk show host grilled the pair about their rumoured relationship, and things got awkward. Constantly quizzed Mendes was visibly uncomfortable stating he attempted to kiss his duet partner but she rebuffed, a fact she stated never happened. The whole thing got to such a comfortable level until Mendes retorted a sassy response.

Here is Mendes with one particularly lucky gay fan. Just look at how lovingly he interacts with him!

And here he is with another male fan, seriously how do we meet this guy before he blows up big enough to enforce a 3-meter distance rule?


And here is an old snap that’s floating around. *cough*


The rumours are swirling aplenty, mostly due to his mannerisms and overall demeanour, so this is an early warning to keep your eye on this kid. Especially as he turns 18 this year.

EDIT: We’ve decided to add more evidence as it occurs, enjoy.

Here’s a song he wrote about friend and fellow Magcon member Cameron Dallas.

Then there was the time he said this… which is pretty much definitive proof.


37 thoughts on “In The Glass Closet: Shawn Mendes

  1. How ever wrote this article should be ashamed of themselves assuming a guy is gay just because of the way he talks or by being nice to a fan by kissing them on the cheek who just happens to be a guy. Don’t go around saying Shawn Mendes is gay unless it comes out of his own mouth. Ok he is being nice to a fan by taking pics and posing with a guy who is gay what is the problem with that or what is the problem with his fav superhero being Beyoncé or what is the problem with him writing a song about his good friend which is not supposed to be taken seriously it’s not like he put it on his album or anything like that. You don’t determine Shawn’s sexuality only he does. I feel bad for Shawn who has to deal with all these stupid rumors like these everyday when he’s only 17 like grow up people.

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    1. You’ve pretty much only reiterated the writers point. I agree, his sexuality shouldn’t matter and shouldn’t be speculated on, but going so wholeheartedly to his defense only makes it a point as good as proven. What bothers me is that no one wonders if someone is “straight” so if it seems that someone is slightly effeminate, just let it go.


    2. “How ever wrote this article…”?

      You should be ashamed that you can’t even spell better than a 3rd grader.

      How ever. Really?

      And your presumption that if he’s gay that’s a bad thing speaks volumes about your homophobia. Being gay, if he is, isn’t a bad thing.

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    3. It’s not offensive to speculate, everybody wonders about topics like this especially about people in the public eye, whoever wrote this article just typed their opinion. As a gay man myself I think its more harmful to pussy foot around because then it becomes taboo, are you being offensive when you assume he’s straight? No that would be ridiculous. He falls into some stereotypes, and stereotypes are there for a reason. Its possible that he is an exception but the writer doesn’t think so, theres nothing wrong with that.


    4. Well Said, I could not agree more, its rumors like this that keep people who are actually gay or struggling with their sexuality afraid to come out or deal with it on their own terms. Hes young, he seems like a genuinely sweet guy, and I give him kudos for being comfortable enough in his own skin, and sexuality whatever that is, to be affectionate to a fan regardless of their gender or sexuality. Who is this guy to make assumptions based on stereotypes and assumptions anyways? Leave the poor kid alone, and let him find out who he is for himself.


    5. He is gay and I know first hand……yes it shouldn’t matter at all but for him to publicly state he is not and fight it will only cause him serious damage personally and professionally down the road…..he will come out when he is ready…..I have a feeling the people managing him are keeping him the closet


  2. Please stop whatever you are saying about Shawn. Most of his fans will not care about this and will love him the same. We all know Shawn does not appreciate this. Neither do his fans. We are all so upset by this article and don’t appreciate your comments. Let him come out when he wants to it takes time trust me.


  3. Ur a fucking bitch for this ugly ass article. Why don’t you mind your own damn business and come to the realization that his sexuality doesn’t matter. Even if he was gay, why would it matter to you? It won’t affect you in any way, shape, or form. You have no real evidence. The only thing you have to back yourself up on this is that you think his voice gay? Wtf. Someone’s voice doesn’t automatically make them gay.
    Hope you have a great life making assumptions about people for money.


  4. Hello my name is Emily and I am a fan of Shawn mendes. This is a 17 year old boy you are talking about. I know you need to make money and everything but why do you have to choose a 17 year old boys sexuality to do that? why don’t you talk about his triple platinum records? What is a gay voice? Idk. Why idk because there isn’t such a thing. People have a voice not a straight or gay voice. Why is liking Beyoncé and calling her fabulous gay? It’s not it’s simply a fact Beyoncé is fabulous. And you might ask then why didn’t he call her hot or sexy. Because he is a respectable teenage boy whose parents taught him how to treat women right and not just women everyone. Now you bring up the fact that he treats his guy fans like he treats his female fans. Exactly I don’t know what’s wrong about that. If he didn’t treat his guy fans like he treated his girl fans then you would be writing an article about how he’s homophobic. “The rumors are swirling aplenty, mostly due to his mannerisms” ok now on this situation this was a video of him making a joke then spitting out water. Even if he was gay and came out as gay nothing is wrong about it it’s beautiful and no one has a say if is is or not. Overall this was very disrespectful, rude and very very unprofessional.


  5. This is the most unprofessional article I have ever come across. How dare you insinuate sexuality upon a teenage boy? Not for nothing but you also assume Danny is gay as well, just because he has a lot of pictures with Shawn? This is absolutely disgusting. Please enlighten me on what a “gay voice” is. That is such a beyond homophobic thing to say. I would immediately remove this and issue an apology, not because being called gay is insulting, but because you are sexualizing a teenager. You should be ashamed.


  6. Gay or not, it’s none of your business and whoever wrote this article should be ashamed. His sexuality is up to him. Th way he treats his male fans just like his female fans makes him even greater of a person. I am sure that a lot of male artists would never do that, he’s just an incredibly sweet, caring guy that loves his fans no matter their gender. His sexuality is up to him and you have no right to say otherwise. If it didn’t come out his mouth then why are you writing an article based on an “speculation”, “theory” , “belief” and lastly an “assumption”. We as fans will love him no matter his sexuality but it bothers us that you’re making a decision of speaking about his sexuality when it should be his. If he is gay, he should be the one to say it, not a stupid article with assumptions that are so inaccurate. Liking Beyoncé makes a u gay? Then we all gay then. Loving your male fans just like your female fans makes a guy gay? Smh y’all be doing yellow journalism lmao, FOH


  7. Hey, Im shawns girlfriend and we went on a date once. he told me he loved me more than anything else in the world and that he would do anything for me to make me happy. I just said ‘Shawn, you are the love of my life’ and then he walked away out of my life for as long as i can remember. I miss him a lot though i never really understood if he was gay or not.
    Being gay is not an insult and shouldn’t be taken as bullying.
    I think shawn is not gay.
    He perhaps just gets along with all genders.
    Is that something human can’t do?


    1. “I just said ‘Shawn, you are the love of my life’ and then he walked away out of my life for as long as i can remember.”

      Now that was hilarious!


  8. Just because someone talks a certain way does not in ANY way make them gay. I have a friend who is so high-pitched and he’s always hanging out with girls and you would think he’s gay, but he’s not. And yes, he wrote a song about his BEST FRIEND. BEST FRIENDS DO SHIT LIKE THAT. IT’S CALLED BEING FUNNY NOT GAY. And why the hell would you post this. Gay people come out from everywhere. Like, just because Shawn treats every single fan the same, wrote a song for his best friend, and like Beyonce does not mean he is gay.


  9. Gay-voice has been debunked… Watch the documentary.
    Not one thing here proves he’s gay. AND even if he WAS gay, who cares! It’s none of your business!


  10. Gay-voice has been debunked… Watch the documentary.
    Not one thing here proves he’s gay. AND even if he WAS gay, who cares! It’s none of your business!


  11. His sexuality shouldn’t matter
    Whoever wrote this articles
    Please,” don’t judge the book by it’s cover”, don’t accuse wrong this about people if you want to be famous.


  12. Whoever wrote this bird cage liner of an article clearly just wants Shawn to f**k him in the a$$ but is probably too ugly to even get shrek! If you are gay I feel sorry for you since you want to set us 10 years back by following every petty narrow minded stereotype out there! How dare you!


  13. Mira malpario aprende a hacer otra puta cosa que no sea criticar a personas inocentes Shawn Mendes NO es gay y en ese caso no es de tu puta incumbencia perro maricco


  14. Whoever write this article it is such a bitch that doesn’t have mind and doesn’t deserve to have a fucking article and if Shawn Mendes were gay it is none of your bussiness so if you don’t have any other important thing to say then you should go and fuck yourself


  15. I think that the responses left to this article are more offensive towards the gay community and towards Shawn than the article itself. I myself am gay, proud to be it, and I enjoyed reading this article. This article is like what you do with your friends during school or when you are out shopping. It is gossip. The fact that people are interested in Shawn is not something that his fandom should instantly think of as an attack on the artist. Did the writer ever say that Shawn has to be gay? Straight? No. This is all mere speculation using all the info that the writer probably enjoyed searching for. Before you come here and start using foul language towards the writer of the article, judge yourself. You can’t possible say, with a straight face, that you have never wondered if someone you saw was gay, and then went on to use what you could see or hear from that person to make your judgement. Just because Shawn is famous means no different. What makes you so quick to assume that he is straight? Do you have any definitive proof? It is different if someone states that they are gay, straight, or bisexual and then a person or community attempts to prove that as falsehood, but this is mere speculation on what you can see about a person just as your judgment of whether he is straight is. The fact that you hate on this writer because he/she is giving a different opinion than yours is hypocritical and wrong. Take some time to think before you make a post thrashing out at someone. This could be considered online bullying with such statements as “FUCK YOURSELF BITCH…”, “Whoever write this article it is such a bitch that doesn’t have mind…”, and more and more. The amount of homophobic comments made on here were the true reason why I decided to write my thoughts to attempt to enlighten all the teenage girls who only wish and dream that Shawn will some day sweep them away and make them his own. News flash: not in your lifetime. So please, think before you type. Does what you are saying truly manifest who you want to be? Or are you caught up in the moment and saying something homophobic and insensitive. Don’t let yourself become a bad person because you aren’t using your brain. That is all.


  16. He’s just really nice and does things for his fans if they ask, all the magcon boys did that. He does the same with his girl fans. Treating everyone equal with the same respect and kindness doesn’t make him gay at all, it makes everyone feel happy.


  17. Shawn, if you are in a glass closet it’s yours to come out of or stay in. You’re a beautiful young man with a beautiful voice. Enjoy your youth and be happy. Love the person you love, man, woman, intersex, or trans. In this day and age it shouldn’t matter even if for some it does. The truly enlightened and mature and those that love you will see you and love you for who you are. Ricky Martin and Jodie Foster are two exemplary and beautiful artists that came before your time and did their best to protect their privacy and be able to have careers in media while being gay. They came out when they were ready. Be true to yourself and take as long as you need even if it’s just to go from being a kid to being a man. Gay, straight, bi, asexual–the people that truly matter already love and will embrace you no matter what you are or aren’t. I am watching you on James Corden rocking out and singing your heart out with all the girls screaming and you held James Corden’s hand before you guys did your music from the past vs. music from the present thing. I’ll continue to enjoy your music and respect you as a person and artist, no matter. Just be yourself.


  18. hes 100% gay & in the closet, i feel like before he blew up he was comfortably being “gay” then once he got mainstream he decided that he wasnt going to go public with his sexuality & put on this “straight ” act for sales. look at all the OBSESSED girls saying “hes not gay” oNLY BECAUSE THEY DONT WANT HIM TO BE. sorry to ruin your CRAZED stalker fantasies but this boy is a HOMOSEXUAL. period. hes demeanor, body language, the way he acts in interviews & how he tries so hard to ACT like hes NOT gay is solid proof. not to mention hes ALL UP ON HIS MALE FANS.


  19. Thank you very much for this comment. I have tried to think of a response to the numerous negative comments regarding this article but could not quite find the words to address the many issues raised. Your response is wonderfully written and very thoughtful. We did not aim to definitively colour Mendes’ sexuality as gay, or out him on solid facts. It is a purely speculative article written in humour on the possibility. We too can wholeheartedly accept any sexuality he identifies with but do not see “straight” as a default setting of every male. Many of the comments regard the possibility of Mendes being gay as an insult, which it clearly is not. I hope people can look past such stringent terms and allow a gay blog written by and for homosexual men to be just that, and not for the narrow minded opinions of young girls.

    In relation to the outrageously offensive personal remarks ushered to myself from a minority of Mendes’ fandom we can appreciate that they were just trying to defend their idol no matter how poorly, and hope they can grow and reflect on their upsetting words and possibly maintain a focus more to their own lives and less to a mob group.

    Love, and light – The Out Guide


  20. Guys, let’s be honest here, if Shawn wasn’t conventionally attractive this article wouldn’t even exist. It’s cause he hot dude. If the kid was a little more homely no one would give a shit. But whether he enjoys the D or not, the boys got obvious talent and that’s what should be focused on in my opinion.


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