Modern Family Star Reid Ewing Is Gay!

By now we’re sure you are all longtime fans of Modern Family, and while we keep up to date with show as it airs, we seem to have missed on huge story surrounding it.

We read the story of Reid Ewing (Haley Dunphy’s on-off boyfriend Dylan) struggling with body dysmorphia and plastic surgeries last year, and thought no more of it afterward. It seemed we should have been more vigilant as just a few days after the story, the actor came out!

He low-key revealed his sexuality after casually tweeting about a guy on GMA being ‘hot af’ when a fan questioned the comment he replied that he had never hidden his sexuality.


Clearly, the young star was inundated with comments regarding his sexuality as he tweeted a sassy retort, complete with Golden Girls gif in true gay fashion.


We love Ewing and his good-hearted, dumb character on Modern Family. We’re also enjoying his openness in his personal life now, with his article post on male body disorders providing thought-provoking responses to a seldom discussed issue.


We wish him the very best for 2016, and in his future, both career-wise and personally. Thank you for your honesty.

Read his self-written HuffPost article HERE.

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