Re-Viewed: Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

With news of a friends reunion on the rise, we’ve decided to take a look back at the masterpiece Lisa Kudrow bestowed upon us in the late 90’s.

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion is a cross between Dumb and Dumber, Legally Blonde and Clueless, which in our eyes is a winning combination, perfect for re-watches.

The story follows two ditzy blondes as they prepare for their 10 year high school reunion, only to realise their lives have not progressed in the years since graduation and they are still the two kooky outcasts.


Through their trial they do everything in their power to transform their lives in the coming weeks to the party, job hunting, attending the gym, trying to snag guys. The endless list humorously fails one after the other, leading the pair to fake being successful.


As they arrive at the reunion they are reunited with previous enemies, love interests and all the old drama of high school, testing their friendship, and new selves.


Lisa Kudrow pulls together all the best parts of her famous Friends character Phoebe Buffay in all her whimsical charms, as popular as ever while Mira Sorvino steps away from her usual award-winning portrayals to enjoy a light-hearted character she emulates effortlessly. Together the pair are a powerhouse duo, providing squad goals in an endearing couple to rival the likes of Thelma and Louise, Sonny and Cher, even Drake and Josh!


Alan Cumming and Janeane Garofalo prove to be hilarious scene-stealers, extracting the best from their small screen time. Camryn Manheim makes us laugh in every scene she appears. Justin Theroux also makes a cameo as the sexy, stuttering cowboy, it was among one of his first acting roles!


The writing is hilarious, showcasing the big hearted, and empty headed bimbo long before many of its adversaries hit the screen. Each scene teeters masterfully between realism and exaggerated to keep us rightfully engaged, while the diverse caricatures create an easy viewing comedy.


Truth be told, the first half of the flick is a laugh riot, we could watch an entire sitcom detailing the ladies lives in Cali but after the pair are separated following a fight, much of the punchy comedy is lost to half chuckles and dreary drama. Though once the two bust out their iconic trio dance routine the film ends on a high.


The movie stands up even almost 20 years later, especially given the fact everyone loves the 90’s. The mobile phones, outfits, and phrases debut the best of the decade, while the “white girl” phenomenon is still rampant. The old-school ways is more of a cutesy throwback than dated culture.

Unusually for our choices, the movie did quite well debuting number two at the box office and earning $29,235,353 alongside positive reviews by critics. Just beware of the dreaded made for tv sequel starring Katherin Heigl. Gross.

Our Verdict Is: Make you don’t miss this cult comedy, it has the makings of a perfect movie to rewatch multiple times, that will have you laughing out loud!

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