Rejoice As Scream Queens Is Renewed For Season 2!

Hell yeah! The first season may have had its ups and downs but overall we’re thrilled the show is coming back for a second outing!

While we did not get the kills we were promised, and the story ended with a fizzle, the hilarious characters and endless one-liners were enough to bring us back each week and we’re glad we don’t have to say goodbye any¬†time some.

The ratings may have struggled to top 3 million viewers, and the buzz around the hot show may have soon come to a halt but Fox has given the series a chance anyway by officially renewing it!

We are obsessed with any Ryan Murphy production, and are excited to visit a hospital for season 2!

Murphy has previously stated a handful of the original characters will be returning¬†for the second season, and as most of them annoying stayed alive, it’s anyones guess who.

We wonder if they’ll manage to entice another pop culture filled cast now the likes of Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas are dunzo!

Check out two of our faves below.

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