Top 10: Bops Of The Week

We’re half way through January now, and while there are so great tracks out, we’re still waiting on that one mammoth jam to kick off our year!

This week music lost an incredible icon in David Bowie, yet we soldier on and respect him by blasting some of his greatest hits. Other greats hits of the week are included below.

1. Drop In The Ocean – OMI

Ever since cheerleader, OMI has struggled to recapture such success but such an incredulous bop only comes around once or twice a year. Drop In The Ocean may not reach the number one spot like his debut smash, but it’s a great track


2. One Call Away – Charlie Puth

This one was released at the back end of last year, but with his album gearing up to drop soon we’re getting ourselves ready to who is undoubtedly going to be receiving a lot of attention through 2016. His collabs with Meaghan Trainor and Wiz Khalifa have tore of up the charts already. We’re excited to see what the album contains.


3. Little Lies – Hilary Duff

We love Hilary Duff, we love her movies, her tv shows, but most of all we love Hilary Duff music. It’s so darn fun and catchy, and her latest outing is no different. Covering a Fleetwood Mac track she brings Little Lies into the 21st Century with a dubstep/EDM remix and it’s KILLER! We totally have this one on repeat.


4. Swing My Arms – T-Wayne

So this song isn’t great isn’t great or anything, it pretty much is a repeat of Whip/Nae Nae and Soulja Boy, but apparently the ‘dab’ is the new dance move and this track allows us to seem hip and down with it while we press our forehead to our arms? This is worse than Gangnam Style.


5. Overcome – Laura Mvula

This track is so funky, though we’re unaware of the artists it’s totally new and different that we can groove to. We also love the positive messages throughout.


6. The Sound – The 1975

The synth-pop track is a new killer track from the bands second album. We were obsessed with their first offering, and so far things are shaping up to be even better with their sophomore record. Fun, and boppy, we can’t get enough of this retro-feeling band.


7. Over And Over Again – Nathan Sykes ft. Ariana Grande

This is quite an old song by the old The Wanted boybander, but Ari polished it up with a feature so clearly we’re obsessed. The track was a stellar love song when it was first released, but this added that extra-umph needed to make it bop worthy. But isn’t it totally strange that they’re exes?


8. Into The Night – Cardiknox

This is the kind of song you can’t dance around your room while singing into a hairbrush. Total bop. Total banger. Completely perfect for screaming along to. (The video is not yet on YouTube so we’ve included another of their tracks)


 9. Love Again – Keys N Krates

Perhaps not one to stick on while you’re chilling in the house, but if you’re still keeping up with the gym after New Year this is a great addition to your motivational playlist. The remixing goes hard, most of the track is turned up to 11, so it’ll give you that extra motivation to go hard!

10. Life On Mars – David Bowie

Our throwback of the week is clearly a Bowie product, and has there ever been such a Bowie-esque song than this? Completely legendary, and beautiful. Here’s to the stardust.

Listen in Spotify!

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