Why You Should Be Watching Modern Family

If you are not watching Modern Family, and are asking yourself wether or not you should give it a spin, the answer is a resounding yes!

It’s hard to believe that seven seasons have flown by since we first discovered this little ABC show that has kept us entertained as much today as the first season. Heck, even Michelle Obama named it as one of her favourite shows!

The series focus’ on a large family, each with distinct and clashing personalities: Jay, the old-fashioned, no-nonsense head of the family. Gloria, his significantly younger, beautiful and latin glamorous hothead second wife. Manny, her sensitive and cultured child.

Jay’s daughter Claire, a highly strung straight-shooter and Phil, her kooky but big-hearted husband. Haley, their popular and vapid daughter, Alex, the brainy and sarcastic middle child, and Luke, the crazy and brainless son.

Astoundingly, the show also features a progressive gay couple among its main stars, which is a great for the visibility of gay people and relationships on a major television show. Mitch is an uptight lawyer, as well as being Claire’s brother, while his partner is half effeminate theatre geek and half tough, farm-raised football coach. They have a daughter Lily who grows up to be quite the diva.

Each episode is perfectly crafted, always linking each member of the family into it, before coming full circle. The jokes work on so many levels that it takes re-watching (which you will do gladly) to allow each punchline to fully resonate. While the show is largely humorous, it is the quiet, touching moments that stick with you and keep you coming back each time.

Though it has been on air for a fair few years, and the episodes have gone up and down since then, the viewing figures have kept relatively the same. Much of that has to be accredited to the high quality of the writing that has stayed constant since the beginning. As a thirty-minute sitcom in 2016, the show keeps its heart and works endlessly to create honest, and new story lines.

Now in 2015, the families are in a different place. The boys are all grown up and chasing women, Alex is away at college, though still features, Haley is a grown woman making her way in life, while Jay and Gloria has a new son to come to terms with. With regular appearances by Adam DeVine and a few great celebrity guests like Kevin Hart, the show never begins to tire for too long before you are drawn back in.

As an ensemble, the cast shines bright, each bringing laughs and relating to a different group of people. If you can’t see yourself in at least one of these characters we’re floored. There are no weak links noticeable here, as they each encompass so much of the character they are supposed to be it is difficult for us to view them as anything else. Now, the children are allowed to garner more and more screen time, adding to the talent pool as actors like Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland show off their chops.

A Globe, two GLAAD awards, and 21 Emmys, the show has been recognised by critics as one of the greatest sitcoms of the modern age. The show still manages to gain positive reviews and hefty viewing figures to date, even though the buzz surrounding the show has diminished largely in the wake of newer shows.

Our Verdict Is: This is the kind of show that is dependable, you can switch it on and rely on the fact you’ll spend 30 minutes laughing. It is important we respect and keep on air a show that has done so much for gay people in terms of visibility and representation in the media, so make sure you either start or keep watching! You won’t regret it!

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