Top 10: Bops Of The Week

It’s friday again! We hope you’re all ready for the weekend, unless you work retail then we feel for ya! Either way we’ve created an oddball playlist to start your weekend off right.

January has been great so far so we’re totally feeling the feel good tunes, and we’re still loving the unknown artists rising up, so check out some new faces on our list!

1. Unstoppable – Sia

It’s just one more week now until Sia released her latest album This Is Acting, and she has blessed us with another track to tide us over until then. Unstoppable is a typical Sia song, but that’s what we love. The lyrics are intensely visceral as always and the beat builds to a euphoric chorus that we’re used to. It’s a great motivational track.

2. Don’t Need Much – Travis Mills

We love this style of sing/rapping, it’s giving us new wave throwback 00’s kind of R&B. The bop has a great beat with interesting moments, and a catchy chorus we can rap along to in the club.

3. Simple – Khalil

Khalil tried releasing an EP but that didn’t work out too well so he came back to mix tapes, and his new stuff is amazing. Simple is a simple R&B ballad, in the auto tuned style all the guys are using nowadays with an easy electric guitar beat.

4. White Privilege II – Macklemore

We’re not quite sure how we feel about Macklemore, we believe he has good intentions with his songs about gay rights and white privilege but we also cringe at his lack of rap skills. The track is worth a listen in regards to recognising your privilege and #BlackLivesMatter but we’re 50/50 on this.

5. Waiting – Oliver Heldens

This one is definitely for the club, fun and upbeat it has a great beat for you to bop along to with hard bangers and softer section and cute little moments we love.

6. Gangsta Walk – SNBRN

We love fun interaction between artists and listeners in songs, and this is a perfect example. It’s a great song with an amazing chorus and simple verses you’ll sing along with with your friends while pre-drinking.

7. Pleasure Drive – The Jezabels

Firstly their band name is absolutely amazing, and this song is killer. Obviously one for playing in the car. It’s cool, and simple, and euphoric that will drift you away as you chill until it hits the more rock moments.

8. Memory – Violent Femmes

We’re not usually fans of this genre, like rock-country? We stumbled upon this track a few days ago and we just found it completely charming and hilarious. You should totally give it a listen, the chorus is our fave.

9. Quite Like – Her

We love this type of indie, electronic music but while the track doesn’t offer anything new, with a sound we’ve heard many times before we still love it. The lyrics are simple and charming, the singers voice is melting and the production is good and interesting so we’re sold.

10. Love Don’t Cost A Thing – J.Lo

Old J.Lo music is our favourite J.Lo music, her new stuff is too catered to the club than the bedroom with a hairbrush. This is one of her best oldies and we’re bopping along to celebrate both the final season of Idol she is judging again and her new show Shades of Blue, get it Jenny!

Listen in Spotify.

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