Watch Now: NFL Players Reenact PLL

Jimmy Fallon has made a habit of producing hilarious, viral moments for his Tonight Show, and this one is one of our faves.

To celebrate the return of our favourite guilty pleasure Pretty Little Liars and the end of the NFL season or whatever, Fallon enlisted the help of quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick and Prince Amukamara to reenact a scene on Wednesday’s episode.

The short scene was complete with moody lighting, backdrops and two phenomenal wigs. The athletes proceeded to keep a straight face as they took on the roles of Spencer and Alison while reading a season one script about ‘The Jenna Thing’.

The results as always were amazing, we just wish the scene had been longer! Hopefully next time they’ll bring friends to play the rest of the girls.

Lucy Hale recently sat down with the late night host to promote the show where Fallon revealed he was secretly a fan.

Check out the original scene below!

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